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New social experience of young people and youth theories update (Sociocultural dynamics at the beginning of the XXI century. Rethinking the youth. Youth concept thesaurus).
Youth as a human potential (Social and cultural differentiation of human potential. Novation properties, the innovative potential and innovative opportunities for youth. The innovative potential of young people in the light of the biosocial changes. Human potential and everyday life of young people).

Bio sociology youth in the light of the humanitarian examination (essence and characteristics of humanitarian examination Questions domain bio sociology youth expert judgment Expert judgment biosocial changes in the new generations; Skills development trends in new generations; changes in society, associated with the increase in life expectancy, the design features specified physical and intellectual properties of a person).

Prospects for young people in the light of bio sociology (Changing boundaries of youth and Information Society “Wildness” “innovation” Youth: There is a formula Socio-cultural conditions of development of a young man with extraordinary abilities bio sociology youth and socio-cultural reality of the design).

Youth concept bio sociology builds on a long tradition of philosophical thought and research within the natural and social sciences and humanities to consider social forms as a direct consequence of biological environmental adaptation mechanisms (Darwin, Wundt, Marx, Engels, O. Conte, A. Quetelet, G. Spencer, N. I Danilevsky and others.). Organicist being widespread installation of XIX century theorists, Acquired new features in the XX and XXI century. At the same time in the field of scientific criticism proved ideas of social Darwinism, including those manifested in the later social theories, especially in sociobiology, which has put forward the concept of E. Wilson, because of the problem securing a new approach to the synthesis of the natural and social sciences Wilson, 1975). The subsequent development of sociobiology by proposing to consolidate biological determinism proved unproductive. However, this does not mean infidelity setting key communication problems of biological and social principles in human life and society.

The novelty of the project bio sociology Youth results is rethinking sesquicentennial tradition organicist in modern conditions when completely change the perception of the social and biological components of human life, changed the composition and functions of social structures and communities, and in particular, the youth acquired properties that allow it to consider as a source of social and cultural transformation that is inherent configurative type of culture (in the terminology of Margaret Mead). In this interdisciplinary field of youth studies are just beginning.
bio sociology youth as a special area of research involves issues updated discussions in the scientific community about, children – “Indigo”, a sharp increase in the duration of human life in the application of nanotechnology and so on and already having a practice of designing the set of physical and intellectual property of the child. Biosocial motives in the aspect of youth prospects can be found mainly indirectly, including through gender analysis, interpretation of new phenomena in the field of youth sexuality, countercultural tendencies of development of new information technologies and the emergence of new means of communication, behavior in online communities. Aspect youth bio sociology is generally outside the purview of the researchers, but not because of minor significance of the topic, and because of her difficulties for development. Nevertheless, the way to a new trend of interdisciplinary research are presented in numerous publications containing substantiation of measures aimed at prolonging life and development of the special properties of the human body, mental life, of intelligence, which may, if their mass introduction into social life significantly change the situation of young people in relation to other categories of people.

Youth bio sociology based on global discourses about the prospects of young people and, according to their conceptual design will be able to influence them, perpetuating the status interdisciplinary youth research.

For emerging bio sociology dominant methodological research is the thesaurus approach (Lukov Val., Lukov Vl., 2008, 2013). Thesaurus approach allows us to see the problems bio sociology special perspective, which is characteristic of a subject of Cultural Studies: the distance of “their” and “foreign” and rejecting “alien” is a fundamental principle of the valuable relation to a subject of social reality. For all the simplicity and even primitiveness of this evaluation of the scheme, it lays the most stable orientation grounds that the stronger dominate the structure of the individual or social (cultural) community, the more actively involved in the situational assessment and behavior of the emotional factor. In these cases, “friend or foe” have contrasting form of “friend-enemy”. The youth such contrasting form is particularly significant that the show and the events of recent years in the world’s trouble spots.