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An application essay is an important piece of writing, valuable both for the writer and for the reader. You, as an essay creator, have an opportunity to put the face on the application you have sent by providing humanizing details and telling your special story. This narrative is your chance to explain who you are, what you want, and how you fit in the university, and at most – an opportunity to convey how good you are and why you should be accepted.

Reviewing your essay, a university can not only understand how you write and communicate your thoughts, but what kind of person you are, and what qualities you possess that are valuable for this exact academic facility. Reading your story, admission officers gain a better understanding of what kind of person they are taking, and what can this person bring to the campus and the classes.

If you want to impress the admissions and show your best, there are several tips you have to follow:

  • Present your story

This tip may seem old and obvious, but it remains true. Do not try to use the stories of other people in your admission essay as it will bring you no good. Admissions can feel when the person is telling the lie and showing something he or she has not ever experienced. Also, they may have already seen the story of such kind, and you will be busted in the blink of an eye.

  • Focus on details

Think about the special set of details you want to communicate, and give all focus to them. There are too many essays that fail to convey the idea and keep throwing unrelated info that does not make sense at the very end. Do not make the same mistakes and focus your story. Do not present the reasons why admission officers should accept your application. It is better to show them you are the best and persuade them that you will be a great choice.

  • Do not forget the prompt

Most of the universities have the prompt you need to adhere to while writing. It can be an issue you are to discuss or a question you have to answer. Whatever your story is, be sure it relates to the prompt and answers it.

  • No vocab magic

Creating an essay out of the words you have learned a few minutes ago is truly a magic, the black one to be specific. Smart words you never knew and doubt that admission officers know should not be in the essay, and trust the professionals, they will not make you look wise. You are a young individual, straight out of school, and even though your vocab should be rich, it does not have to look like you are a 50-year-old English professor, so try to keep it simple.

  • Read after you finish

Try reading your essay aloud to someone or let that person read it to you. This way, you will be able to hear how the essay actually sounds and understand what parts of the essay need a little work.

  • Check and proofread

It goes without saying, but the quick reminder is necessary – do not forget to check the paper before you submit it. Also, ask someone to assess your writing skills and the readability of the essay, as you may get overly attached to it and not see some mistakes.

  • Do not stress out about writing

The essay is certainly of the important parts of the application process. However, do not think it makes too much of a difference. If your academic records and other results listed in the application are great, and the essay is just a bit weaker, you will not go straight to the ‘no’ pile. And vice-versa – the essay will not save you if you performed badly at school or failed the tests. It is crucial to understand that an admission essay is not a ticket to the university but rather a helpful tool. If you use it well – it will make you a more desirable applicant, if you won’t – do not worry, as there are still other things that matter are being considered.