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Why my YouTube is not opening?

Clear Cache on Your Android If restarting your phone does not succeed in fixing YouTube Not Working on Android, you can try to clear the cache. The cache files and data should be cleared by now. Now try opening the Youtube app and try playing any video. This should work now.

How do I watch YouTube on unsupported devices?

If your Smart TV or game console has a web browser that supports HTML5, you may be able to continue using YouTube by visiting in your browser. If you’re using Roku 3 or Roku Streaming Stick, you can get the latest version of the YouTube app by restarting your device.

Why is restricted mode always on YouTube?

If you don’t know the password, you will need to clear your browser’s cache and cookies in order to unlock restricted mode. You may also need to sign in with a different account. If you are using a school, library, or company computer, restricted mode was most likely enabled by an administrator.

How do I permanently disable restricted mode on YouTube?

On the YouTube Android app, tap on the account icon. Go to Settings > General. Turn off the toggle for Restricted mode.

Is YouTube crashed right now? is UP and reachable by us.

How do I fix YouTube on my computer?

YouTube Not Working? 15 Methods to Fix Issues in 2021

  1. Check if YouTube is Down.
  2. Clear Cache, Cookies, and Data.
  3. Inspect Extensions.
  4. Update Chrome and YouTube App.
  5. Check Site Settings.
  6. Check Proxy Settings.
  7. Update Graphics Driver.
  8. Control Hardware Acceleration.

What devices work with YouTube?

Streaming media devices

  • Amazon Fire TV.
  • Android TV streaming devices.
  • Apple TV (4th generation or higher)
  • Chromecast.
  • Roku.
  • TiVo.

What is the minimum Android version for YouTube?

version 4.4 or above
Android phones: Android phones and tablets running version 4.4 or above.

Why is restricted mode on YouTube not turning off?

If the toggle switch is greyed out and you are unable to click it, Restricted mode has been locked by the account holder. You will need the account password to unlock restricted mode.

What kind of browser do I need to watch YouTube videos?

Without the most up-to-date version of your browser, you can still watch YouTube videos, but you may have problems using YouTube’s newer features. For instructions on how to upgrade, visit your browser’s help resources: Google Chrome. Firefox. MS Edge. Safari. Opera.

Can you watch YouTube if you dont have Internet Explorer?

Without the most up-to-date version of your browser, you’ll still be able to watch YouTube videos, but you may have problems using YouTube’s newer features. YouTube no longer supports Internet Explorer. Update your browser to Chrome to continue using YouTube.

Why are my YouTube videos not showing up?

Fix #3: Update Your Browser. Another reason why YouTube videos won’t play is because your browser is outdated. Updating your browser to the latest version should resolve the problem, since the updated browser may have already been optimized and fixed for previously reported bugs.

What to do if YouTube is not available for your domain?

If YouTube has not yet been officially launched in your country, YouTube cannot be enabled on your G Suite domain. Sign in to Go to your account . Select Location. A list of countries/regions where YouTube is launched will appear. You can still create a YouTube channel on a consumer Google Account separate from G Suite.