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Why is it called Drukqs?

Drukqs (stylised as drukQs) is the fifth studio album by Aphex Twin, the alias of British electronic musician Richard D. James, released in 2001 on Warp. It is a double album compiled of tracks which James feared might be leaked after he left behind an MP3 player containing unreleased material on a plane.

How did Aphex Twin make Vordhosbn?

Aphex Twin has uploaded a video showing how his track ‘Vordhosbn’ was made using now discontinued tracking software PlayerPro. In a clip uploaded to his official Vimeo channel, the producer plays through the track in the retro software, showing the MIDI notes, waveforms, drum sounds and more.

When was Vordhosbn made?

The electronic music icon shares a video breaking down his beloved 2001 track ‘Vordhosbn’

Does Aphex Twin use a tracker?

Aphex Twin plays back the harmonic parts from Vordhosbn, the second track from his 2001 release Drukqs, using tracker software.

How do you pronounce Drukqs?

Overview. The title’s pronunciation is debatable, due to the cover art capitalizing the “q”, leading to some fans to refer to it as “druck-use” (i.e., drug-use). However, drukqs is spelled all lower case everywhere else on the packaging, so most fans simply pronounce it “drucks”.

What genre is Drukqs?


Why a Scullyas LYF a Dhagrow meaning?

Scullyas = spill, squander. Lyf = Flood. Dhagrow (or just grow) = sludge. So something in connection with liquid spilling–> “She spilled all”.

Does Aphex Twin use Ableton?

Aphex Twin has been using Ableton Live all along.

What is a tracker synth?

A music tracker (short version tracker) is a type of music sequencer software for creating music. The music is represented as discrete musical notes positioned in several channels at discrete chronological positions on a vertical timeline. A music tracker’s user interface is usually number based.

What language is Drukqs in?

Most of the titles are in cornish dialect or in Kernawek (modern cornish): Jynweythek Ylow.

Did Aphex Twin make Syro?

Syro (/saɪroʊ/) is the sixth studio album by Aphex Twin, the alias of British electronic musician Richard D. James, released on 19 September 2014 on Warp. It was James’s first album under the Aphex Twin name since Drukqs (2001). The album was recorded over several years on a wide range of equipment setups.

What music did Aphex Twin use?

In an article of Future Music Magazine, written in April 1993, the author claims that Aphex Twin used the Casio FZ10 sampler on 80% of his tracks.