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Why do my toenails curl downward?

If you wear high heels or shoes that don’t fit properly, you may suffer from toes that are curling down. When you wear shoes that are too tight, your toes can become crowded. That forces them into a bent position and puts pressure on the toes and joints. Muscles tighten and shorten after a while.

Can a podiatrist fix curved toenails?

If you have pincer nails, you may be tempted to trim the free end very short. However, this can increase the risk of ingrown toenails, so it’s a good idea to let the free end grow out a little bit. Your podiatrist can then fit you with a special orthotic to slowly straighten your nail plates.

How do you correct a curve?

Attempting to put the braces on the part of the nail that is most curved can be problematic. Instead, put it just under the curvature or ideally, apply it to the widest part of the nail. The tension created will still bring pain relief and stop the edges of the nail from digging into the skin.

Why do my toenails curl inwards at sides?

Nails that curve far inward at the sides are called ingrown nails. This condition may affect the toenails and be due to wearing shoes that are too tight, particularly in the toe box. Ingrown nails may also result from cutting the nails improperly. In some cases, treatment may involve removing part or all of the nail.

Why are my toenails curling downward?

Claw toes result from a muscle imbalance which causes the ligaments and tendons to become unnaturally tight. This results in the joints curling downwards. Arthritis can also lead to many different forefoot deformities, including claw toes.

What causes a curved toenail?

Continue reading below to learn more about what causes curved toenails. There are a variety of issues that causes curve toenails, such as genetically curved, cutting the nails too short, wearing an improper size shoe, injury to your toenails, excessive stress on your foot due to running, jamming your toenails, etc.

Why do toenails curl downward?

Curved toenails can happen for a number of reasons, such as improper nail trimming, wearing an improper sized shoe, or excessive stress on the feet due to running, jogging, or walking.

What causes toenails to curl inward?

This condition can be exacerbated by improper trimming of the toenail, an inherited or hereditary condition, and improper shoe fitting. Injury by overly aggressive pedicures and nail picking are also common causes. Some people’s toenails naturally curl inward (known as pincer nails).