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Why do Japanese construction workers wear baggy pants?

Photographer Matsuda Tadao’s portraits of Japanese construction workers are taken on site, capturing the reality of their jobs with the sweat and grime of a hard day’s efforts. As well as being fitted to their work, distinctive, baggy nikkapokka pants help these laborers to stand out in the crowd.

What are those Japanese baggy pants called?

Tobi trousers
Tobi trousers or tobi pants are a type of baggy pants used as a common uniform of tobi shokunin, construction workers in Japan who work on high places (such as scaffolding and skyscrapers).

What is Japan’s clothing style?

Kimono were so accepted as the main form of fashion that the name, kimono, literally means “thing to wear.” With its elegance and versatility, it’s no wonder the kimono has survived so long. Today, the kimono is still known as the national dress of Japan.

Can I wear shorts in Japan?

This goes for both men and women. Speaking of women’s dress code, there’s pretty much no limit on shorts length. For the most part, though, Japanese people tend to dress warmer than what the weather calls for. It may be hot to you, but residents may be wearing cooler-weather clothes like long-sleeved shirts and pants.

Is it OK to wear black in Japan?

Black Means Death in Japan, Avoid Black Clothes In Japan, the color white is attributed to happiness and good times. Death is a time of mourning and so people must dress in the color of depression, black. Men usually wear a black suit with a black tie (dress shirt is usually white).

Are jeans OK in Japan?

Shorts, jeans, and even camisoles are perfectly fine to wear. However, jeans are not generally popular with locals beyond their 20’s. For jean lovers, we suggest packing black jeans as an alternative to blue denim. Darker denim is also more versatile because it is easier to dress up.

Is it OK to wear red in Japan?

Red (Aka) You probably see red a lot in Japan, especially on the shrine gates and temples. However, do not buy anything red to your friends as a house warming gift. Japanese think red associate fire, which might bring bad luck such as fire accidents to the new house.

Why is sagging your pants bad?

A two-year study by the National American Medical Association, led Dr. Mark Oliver Mansbach, concluded that the continuous wearing of sagging pants severely impacts sexual performance. “In our study we discovered that sagging pants wearers are 70% more likely to prematurely ejaculate during intercourse,” says Mansbach.

Is it disrespectful to wear a kimono in Japan?

In short, you will not be viewed as ‘stealing’ Japanese culture if you wear a kimono and you are respectful when doing so. In fact, many Japanese would be pleased to see you wear a kimono as it demonstrates your passion for Japanese culture.

Which is the coolest brand of Japanese workwear?

Here are the coolest tobi Japanese workwear and workwear-inspired clothing you will ever find. Toraichi is a manufacturer of Japanese workwear (“tobi wear”), and has catered to the needs of Japanese workers since its foundation in 1959.

What kind of clothes do carpenters wear in Japan?

In fact, they are said to move as if they were birds. The word Tobi also refers to the clothes these craftsman wear. Also popular among carpenters and plasters, Tobi work clothes are characterized by their free flowing and nonrestrictive pants. Traditional Japanese craftsman’s clothing, as seen this image, was called TOBI SHOZOKU.

Who are the manufacturers of Tobi workwear?

Toraichi is a manufacturer of Japanese workwear (“tobi wear”), and has catered to the needs of Japanese workers since its foundation in 1959. If the size, color, model, etc. you are looking for is not available, please let us know as we may be able to resolve the issue for you.