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Why did they ruin Cordelia in Angel?

Cordelia had been taken over by the dark entity Jasmine (Gina Torres), which got pregnant so it could give birth to itself. Cordelia fell into a coma giving birth to Jasmine, and a season later she died offscreen in a hospital bed, the events leading up to her death erased from history.

Did Cordelia really sleep with Connor?

As The Beast causes fire to rain from the sky in an apparent apocalypse, Cordelia sleeps with Connor to give him some happiness before the end. Unbeknownst to all, Cordelia is possessed to be with Connor by a cosmic entity, Jasmine, looking to give herself birth in this world through their union.

Does Cordelia become vampire?

In the television series Angel, Cordelia joins Angel, a heroic vampire with a soul, in forming a detective agency dedicated to stopping supernatural forces and helping the helpless. After Cordelia acquires the ability to see visions of those in need, she becomes a more compassionate and heroic character.

How old was Cordelia when she slept with Connor?

Connor was 18, Cordelia was 21/22. Why are people so disgusted by it? If you knew Connor when he was a baby and cared after him, changed his diapers, and then he dissapeard and came back grown…would you sleep with him or date him?

How did Cordelia turn evil?

Satsu Otaku. Jasmine had been inside Cordy since her trip to the higher plane, and took control of her the moment Lorne’s memory-restoring potion touched her tongue in “Spin the Bottle.” As soon as she did, the Beast got his cue to start doing his thing. This is the moment when Cordelia became a secret bad guy.

Does Angel Love Cordelia or Buffy?

However, various events (particularly Cordelia’s possession by Jasmine) kept them from admitting their feelings to each other, although shortly before Cordelia died, they revealed their love for one another and shared a single kiss. She died loving Angel, knowing that Angel loved her back.

What kind of demon is Cordelia?

Half-demon physiology To combat the pain and trauma the visions give her (which would eventually kill a human), Cordelia became part-demon, giving her resistance to their harmful effects and other powers.

What kind of demon is Doyle?

half-Brachen demon
Allen Francis Doyle was a half-human half-Brachen demon, a servant of The Powers That Be, and one of the three founding members of Angel Investigations.

Do Connor and Cordelia have babies?

Skip tells them a higher being has manipulated events over the past few years to cause itself to be reborn. Meanwhile, Cordelia convinces Connor to mystically expedite the birth using the blood of a virgin. Angel arrives in time to stop him, but hesitates, and Cordelia gives birth to a full grown woman.

How does Cordelia get pregnant?

In “Expecting”, Cordelia, having spent the night with her charming date, wakes up carrying a near-term pregnancy. Research reveals she and several other women bear the spawn of a Haxil Beast that uses men as sexual surrogates.