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Why did Melissa leave Channel 7?

In 2013, co-host of Sunrise, Melissa Doyle announces she is leaving the show for a news role in prime time. Doyle’s future at the network had been in doubt since last year’s axing of Sunday Night, a cost-cutting move by Seven that was already dealing with serious financial issues well before the health crisis.

Where is Melissa Doyle working now?

In October 2019, Sunday Night was cancelled and it was announced Doyle would remain with the Seven Network in a variety of news reading roles. In March 2020, Doyle joined Michael Usher to host Seven News: The Latest throughout the COVID-19 crisis. She subsequently became the permanent Monday presenter of the bulletin.

Is Melissa Doyle married?

John Dunlopm. 1995
Melissa Doyle/Spouse

Has Melissa left Channel 7?

TV veteran Melissa Doyle has announced she is leaving the Seven Network after 25 years. The former Sunrise presenter revealed the news on her Instagram page this morning. “I have some personal news to share … after twenty-five years I am leaving the Seven Network,” she wrote.

Is Mel Doyle retiring?

The veteran Channel 7 presenter has revealed she’s parting ways with the network after 25 years. Perhaps the most surprising of all: Melissa Doyle, axed from Channel 7 after 25 years with the network.

Why did Samantha Armytage quits Sunrise?

“There were many, many reasons,” she said. “But one of the reasons was that I felt that the fun just wasn’t there anymore.” “I was the lightning rod for the show at that point. “Everything, I said was analysed and I was getting belted to death by the bloody Daily Mail and you just think: ‘Oh, is life worth this?

Is Melissa Doyle returning to Sunrise?

It was so great for Kochie and Nat to be reunited with their mate at Brekky Central as she launches a brand new project.

Has Melissa Doyle lost weight?

Melissa Doyle opens up about her 10kg weight loss and how she worked her way to a sexy slim new figure. She has lost and kept off a whopping 10kgs since 2013, when she left Sunrise, Channel Seven’s breakfast slot for the afternoon news. And 45-year-old Mel Doyle has certainly become more confident in her body.

How old is Melissa Doyle?

51 years (February 10, 1970)
Melissa Doyle/Age

Former Sunrise host Melissa Doyle, 51, has created a podcast titled Age Against the Machine, about cultural attitudes towards women and ageing. Former Sunrise host Melissa Doyle, 51, has created a podcast titled Age Against the Machine, about cultural attitudes towards women and ageing.

Who is Mel Mclaughlin partner?

Luke Panicm.?–2014
Mel McLaughlin/Spouse

Will Melissa Doyle return to Sunrise?

Is Sam Mac still on Sunrise?

Sam “Sam Mac” McMillan is an Australian television host, weather presenter, and entertainer. He was a 2019 Gold Logie Nominee and is currently the weather presenter on Seven Network’s breakfast show Sunrise….

Sam Mac
Years active 2002−present
Employer Seven Network
Television Sunrise