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Why did Clem Curtis leave the Foundations?

After being disillusioned with the band, he along with another member, Mike Elliott, left The Foundations in 1968 just after recording a version of “It’s All Right”, a song that they had been playing live for some time. He stuck around long enough to help the band audition a replacement, Colin Young.

Is Clem Curtis dead?

Deceased (1940–2017)
Clem Curtis/Living or Deceased

How old is Clem Curtis?

76 years (1940–2017)
Clem Curtis/Age at death

Where was Clem Curtis born?

Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago
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Who’s the lead singer of the Foundations?

Clem Curtis1966 – 1968
Colin Young 1968 – 1971
The Foundations/Lead singers

The singer Clem Curtis, who was perhaps best known for his work with the band the Foundations, has died at the age of 76. Curtis was the lead singer with the band in 1967 when it released its number one hit Baby, Now That I’ve Found You.

How old was the oldest member of the Foundations as of 1968?

38 years old
Not only was there a diverse ethnic mix in the group, but there was also diversity in ages and musical backgrounds. The oldest member of the group, Mike Elliott, was 38 years old. The youngest was Tim Harris, who, at 18, was barely out of school.

Who’s the lead singer of the foundations?

Is the foundations a British band?

The Foundations were a British soul band (m. 1967–1970). The group was the first multi-racial group to have a number one hit in the UK in the 1960s. The Foundations were one of the few British acts to successfully imitate what became known as the Motown Sound.

How long were the foundations together?

The Foundations
Origin London, England
Genres Soul pop
Years active 1966–1971
Labels Pye, Castle, Uni

How long were the Foundations together?