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Who won pa2020?

Trump was declared the winner in the Republican primary, and received all of the state’s 34 pledged delegates to the 2020 Republican National Convention (the state also has 54 unpledged delegates).

What is the name of the currency of Peru?

The Peruvian sol is Peru’s national currency. Other currencies Peru has used throughout its history are the escudo, peso, real, inti, and Nuevo Sol.

Who are Pennsylvania’s electors?

Pennsylvania’s 2020 electors are Nina Ahmad, Val Arkoosh, Cindy Bass, Rick Bloomingdale, Ryan Boyer, Paige Gebhardt Cognetti, Daisy Cruz, Kathy Dahlkemper, Janet Diaz, Charles Hadley, Jordan Harris, Malcolm Kenyatta, Gerald Lawrence, Clifford Levine, Virginia McGregor, Nancy Mills, Marian Moskowitz, Josh Shapiro.