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Who won in RoboCop vs Terminator?

After RoboCain was destroyed, RoboCop battles his way to the OCP building, where he defeats all the Terminators. After defeating an ED-209 unit reprogrammed by the Terminators, RoboCop plugs himself into a console. Unbeknownst to him, RoboCop gave Skynet information it can use.

Will there be a Terminator vs RoboCop?

Terminator is an upcoming 2022 American science-fiction film. A crossover between the highly successful RoboCop and Terminator franchises, the film’s story is based on the 1992 Dark Horse Comics miniseries written by Frank Miller and drawn by Walt Simonson.

Who came first RoboCop or Terminator?

So launched the big RoboCop vs. Terminator series in May 1992 — first as a four-issue comic series, and later as a bunch of video games adapted from them, for Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Gameboy, and Game Gear. The series found a fairly clever way to unite the histories of both franchises.

How many Terminator comics are there?

By my count, there are 125 issues of Terminator comics out there.

Is Terminator 1 or 2 better?

The Terminator Makes For a Better Chase Movie than T2: Judgment Day. It kind of does with the original Terminator. Because while T2 never really lets up, and it’s scene, after scene, after scene of memorable moments, The Terminator actually takes its time more, lending itself to the horror elements I mentioned earlier.

Can the Terminator eat?

According to the Terminator movies, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s cyborg, the Cyberdyne model 101, is living tissue over a metal endoskeleton, which is absolutely cool. The only reason it can be sent back in time is because of the living tissue. But in all the movies, the Terminator never eats, drinks, or consumes anything.

What are terminators weaknesses?

The T-1000’s weaknesses are extreme temperatures, as shown in Terminator 2. When it is frozen solid from a coating of liquid nitrogen, it cannot move; it is then shot by the T-800 and shatters into pieces.