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Who were all the Pittsburgh Steelers coaches?

Mike Tomlin
Pittsburgh Steelers/Head coaches

Who coached the 2006 Steelers?

Bill Cowher

2006 Pittsburgh Steelers season
Head coach Bill Cowher
General manager Kevin Colbert
Home field Heinz Field

Who was the Steelers coach before Mike Tomlin?


# Name Term
14 Chuck Noll* 1969–1991
15 Bill Cowher† 1992–2006
16 Mike Tomlin† 2007–present

Who was the former coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers?

A Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native, Bill Cowher served as the Head Coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers for 15 seasons – 1992-2006. At the age of just 34, Cowher succeeded legendary Hall of Fame Coach Chuck Noll. During the 2004 season, Cowher guided an injury plagued team to a franchise record 15 wins.

What did the Steelers move into in 1970?

The Steelers moved from the NFL Century Division to the AFC Central with the merger of the American Football League and the NFL. The Steelers also moved into a new home as Three Rivers Stadium opened.

What year did Chuck Noll start with the Steelers?

1953Cleveland Browns
Chuck Noll/Dates joined

What was the original name for Pittsburgh Steelers?

Pittsburgh Pirates
Pittsburgh Steelers/Former names
When he chose the name for his team, he followed the customary practice around the National Football League of naming the football team the same as the baseball team if there was already a baseball team established in the city. So the professional football team was originally called the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Who was the coach before Chuck Noll?

List of Steelers Head Coaches

Coach Years Regular Season Record
Bill Austin 1966–68 11-28-3
Chuck Noll 1969–91 193-148-1
Bill Cowher 1992–2006 149-90-1
Mike Tomlin 2007-Present 145-78-1

What happened to Bill Cowher’s wife?

At the helm of the Black and Gold from 1992-2006, Cowher led the Steelers to two Super Bowl victories and eight AFC North Division titles. It wasn’t until after his coaching career that Cowher married his current wife, Veronica, after he tragically lost his first wife, Kaye, to cancer.

Who was the first quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Terry Bradshaw
Most Games as Starting Quarterback

Name Period
1 Terry Bradshaw 1970–1983
2 Ben Roethlisberger 1 2004–Present
3 Kordell Stewart 1997–2002
4 Neil O’Donnell 1991–1995

Who was the head coach of the Steelers in 2006?

The 2006 Pittsburgh Steelers season was the franchise’s 74th season as a professional sports franchise and as a member of the National Football League. It was the 7th season under leadership of general manager Kevin Colbert and the 15th and last under head coach Bill Cowher and he retired on January 5, 2007.

What was the Pittsburgh Steelers record in 2006?

The 2006 Pittsburgh Steelers season was the franchise’s 74th season in the National Football League (NFL). The team was attempting to improve on their 11–5 record from 2005 and also attempting to defend their Super Bowl XL championship. Instead, they finished the season with 8 wins and 8 losses in an unsuccessful attempt to make the playoffs.

When did Bill Cowher coach the Pittsburgh Steelers?

One of only four men to coach the same team for 23 years, Noll retired in 1991. Bill Cowher, who was Noll’s replacement, coached the Steelers to their fifth Super Bowl victory, in 2005 and was voted into the Hall of Fame in 2020.

Who was the backup quarterback for the Steelers in 2006?

On March 3, 2006, backup quarterback Tommy Maddox and cornerback Willie Williams (a member of the Super Bowl XL Steelers team) were released for salary cap reasons.