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Who was behind Brother eye in Arrow?

Cooper Seldon
Brother Eye Highly Advanced Super Computer Virus created by Felicity Smoak when she was in College. The Computer Virus was further developed by her along side her Ex Boyfriend Cooper Seldon and His Roommate Myron Forest who was friends with both of them as well.

What can Brother Eye do?

Brother Eye is the most advanced espionage/surveillance system in the entire world. Its capabilities allowed it to effectively spy on various government departments and independent contractors including, the D.E.O., S.T.A.R. Labs, Project Cadmus, Checkmate, Task Force X, the JLA Watchtower and even the Batcave.

Who is Thea’s boyfriend in Arrow?

Roy Harper

Thea Queen
Significant other Roy Harper (fiance) Alex Davis (boyfriend; deceased)
Sidearm Bow and arrow Sword

Who is Felicity Smoak ex boyfriend?

Cooper Seldon was Felicity Smoak’s ex boyfriend and roommate in college. Together, along with Myron Forest, they were part of a hacktivist group that were able to hack into a government database. Cooper wanted to delete everyone’s student loans, but Felicity and Myron pulled the plug, scared of going to jail.

Is Felicity Smoak married in real life?

She revealed, “I am working more. I’m a little tired, but I like being tired. I am single. I have a dog.” The actress added, “I date.

Who is Felicity’s dad?

Noah Kuttler
Noah Kuttler, alias “The Calculator”, is a fugitive cyber-criminal, the ex-husband of Donna Smoak, the father of Felicity Smoak, the father-in-law of the late Oliver Queen, and the step-grandfather of William Clayton and the maternal grandfather of Mia Queen.

Is Brother Eye good or bad?

Brother Eye is a supervillain originating in DC comics and is one of the Justice League’s greatest opponents.

Is Brother eye brainiac?

Brother Eye is reactivated as a pawn of Brainiac to take over Earth.

Who is Felicity’s boyfriend in Season 5?

Detective Malone
Felicity’s new beau is actually a member of the Starling City Police Department: Detective Malone (no first name given yet that we can tell). Detective Malone is played by Tyler Ritter, the son of TV icon John Ritter. [Tyler] Ritter previously appeared on The McCarthys.

Who is Roy Harper dating in real life?

Colton Haynes
Born Colton Lee Haynes July 13, 1988 Wichita, Kansas or Andale, Kansas, U.S. (sources differ)
Occupation Actor, model
Years active 2007–present
Spouse(s) Jeff Leatham ​ ​ ( m. 2017; div. 2019)​

Who is Brother Eye in the DC Comics?

In DC comics, Brother Eye is a satellite with highly advanced, often malicious artificial intelligence. It was originally developed by Bruce Wayne. Brother Eye and the O.M.A.C. project were used together by Checkmate.

Who is the voice of Brother Eye in New Earth?

The Big Brother motif, as exemplified by Brother Eye, is a reference to the famous novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell. At one point, Brother Eye commanded a compliment of over 1,100,000 OMAC agents. Blue Beetle has said that the voice of Brother Eye sounds like David Hyde Pierce.

What happens when Brother Eye returns to Earth?

After a length of time, Brother Eye returns to Earth’s orbit and transforms Buddy Blank into a modified OMAC. Buddy uses his newly found power to save himself and his grandson from starvation in the Command-D bunker beneath Blüdhaven by breaking out of their bunker.

What happens when Brother Eye sends the OMACs?

Brother Eye sends the OMACs and the two groups clash. With the two Green Lanterns fighting off most of the OMACs and Brother Eye’s defenses, the heroes’ ship crashes into Brother Eye.