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Who owns Escondida mine?

The mine is owned 57.5% by BHP; 30% by Rio Tinto; and 10% by JECO Corp, a Japanese joint venture established in 1988 by Mitsubishi, with 70% ownership; Nippon Mining & Metals, with 20% ownership; Mitsubishi Materials with a 10% share, adding 2.5% ownership by JECO 2 Ltd., another joint venture incorporated in 2010, “to …

How big is the Escondida mine?

3,100 metres
Escondida is a copper mine at 3,100 metres (10,200 ft) elevation in the Atacama Desert in Antofagasta Region, Chile.

Where is the copper mine Escondida?

Atacama Desert
Escondida is a copper porphyry deposit located in the Atacama Desert in Northern Chile, 170km south-east of Antofagasta. The name Escondida means ‘hidden’ in Spanish.

What is the best way to invest in copper?

How To Trade Copper ETFs. ETFs (exchange-traded funds) trade as shares on exchanges in the same way that stocks do. Traders can purchase ETFs that include bullion, futures, options, or some combination of the three. Other ETFs include ones that trade in copper mining stocks.

Which country is rich with copper mines?

Major countries in world copper production Chile, the world’s leading copper producer by far, produced an estimated 5.7 million metric tons of copper in 2020. In second place is Peru, with an estimated copper mine production of 2.2 million metric tons in the same year.

Is copper a good investment for 2021?

Copper equities also remain well-positioned in 2021, and the RBC analysts are starting to see multiple expansion as investors become more interested in the sector. They note that North American base metals stocks have traded at an average EV/EBITDA multiple of 5.8 times over the last decade.

What is a good copper stock?

Best Value Copper Stocks
Price ($) 12-Month Trailing P/E Ratio
Turquoise Hill Resources Ltd. (TRQ.TO) CA$18.86 4.7
Copper Mountain Mining Corp. (CMMC.TO) CA$3.07 5.9
Ero Copper Corp. (ERO.TO) CA$23.74 8.1