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Who owns BeatBox beverages?

“The BeatBox brand was designed to bring people together and that is central to everything we do,” added Brad Schultz, co-founder and CXO at Future Proof.

Who made BeatBox drink?

Justin Fenchel
BeatBox Beverages was founded 10 years ago by Justin Fenchel, who is now CEO of parent company Future/Proof, along with COO Aimy Steadman and CMO Brad Schultz while the trio attended business school at University of Texas. The city’s global influence as a musical hub remains a central part of BeatBox’s brand identity.

Is BeatBox good drink?

It was super sweet with a strong berry flavor. It wasn’t bad in the grand scheme of things but as far as it being a good cocktail, I’m going to say no. It was more like a blue energy drink with booze. Overall, these Beatbox party punches are on the cheap booze end of the spectrum rather than an actual cocktail.

Is BeatBox a malt liquor?

Many of the high alcohol malt beverages you’ll find at the liquor store suffer from this problem and it seems BeatBox has figured it out. The alcohol content is strong, don’t let it sneak up on you, but even with 11.1 % you can still taste the flavor unlike some similar products on the market.

When did BeatBox drink come out?

Launched in 2011, this portable wine punch in a colorful Tetra Pak box gained fame after earning investment from Mark Cuban on “Shark Tank.” From there, BeatBox continued to grow by tapping into a number of consumer trends: flavor variety, quality ingredients, convenience and community.

Is BeatBox a wine or liquor?

BeatBox is a wine punch that comes in a portable Tetra Pak box. AS: People really look for those signifiers: gluten-free, low-calorie. No consumer really knows what alcohol is in most of these RTDs.

When was BeatBox beverages on Shark Tank?

A Wisconsin man touts olive oil bars where you can sample the oil before purchasing; a couple tries to sell the Sharks on a unique wedding registry geared towards saving for the honeymoon; a… Read all.

How many drinks are in a BeatBox?

Every box of the wine-based cocktail contains 11.1 percent ABV, and BeatBox boasts that each box contains the equivalent of four light beers.