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Who owns Bank of Jordan?

Byblos Bank
Major Shareholders Who Own More Than 5%

Rank Shareholder Name Percentage
1 Byblos Bank 10.381%
2 Social Security Corporation 10.179%
3 Jordan Worsted Mills 6.452%
4 Jordan Investor Center 5.496%

What’s the best bank in Jordan?

Top Banks in Jordan

Rank Company Country
1 Arab Bank Group Jordan
9 Arab Jordan Investment Bank Jordan
10 Arab Banking Corporation (ABC) Jordan
11 Investbank Jordan

How many banks are there in Amman?

25 banks
The banking system in Jordan is formed of 25 banks, including four Islamic banks. AB and Housing Bank for Trade and Finance (HBTF) together account for about a third of banking- sector assets, and the next five or six banks account for an additional third.

What is the largest bank in Jordan?

Cairo Amman Bank Amman based Cairo Amman Bank is the biggest bank in Jordan. The bank serves its customers through 84 branches in Jordan and 21 branches in Palestine.

What is the swift code of Jordan Bank?


Swift code (8 characters) BJORJOAX
Branch code XXX

Are there American banks in Jordan?

Citi has achieved a distinct positioning of being a trusted and leading banking partner in the Jordanian market and is today the only commercial U.S. bank in the country.

Who is Jordan Banks?

Jordan Banks – a keen footballer who had even gained attention from Liverpool star James Milner for his fundraising efforts – died in May after being struck by lightning while playing in Blackpool. Mr Wilson said: “He sadly reports he saw lightning hit Jordan and he [Jordan] fell to the ground straight away.”

Where is the banks of Jordan?

Bank of Jordan Its headquarters is in Amman.

Where do you get SWIFT code?

Check the bank statements You can usually find your bank’s BIC/ SWIFT code in your bank account statements. If you’re using an online bank, log into your digital bank account to easily view your bank statement.

Is there a Citibank in Jordan?

Citibank N.A. (‘Citi’) was first established in Jordan in 1974. Its main branch is located in the Shmeisani area of Amman.

What happened to Jordan’s banks?

Nine-year-old Jordan Banks died when he was fatally struck by lightning as he took part in a football coaching session watched by his stepfather, an inquest heard today. Although the weather has changed, it had changed very quickly and there appears to be no obvious reason why Jordan was struck by lightning.”

What is the name of the bank in Jordan?

Formerly known as Jordan National Bank, Jordan Ahli Bank was established in 1955, making it the sixth public shareholding company that was formed in the country. With headquarters in Amman, it provides a range of banking and brokerage services.

Are there any banks in the West Bank of Jordan?

The bank provides consumer and corporate banking, leasing, SME, and investment banking solutions to private and corporate clients through its more than 80 branches in Jordan and 16 branches in the West Bank and Gaza Strip areas. Its headquarters is in Amman.

How to pay wages at Bank of Jordan?

Ability to pay wages therethrough. The upgraded Bank of Jordan’s BOJ Online services enables you to complete your banking transactions easily and quickly. Enter your ATM debit card number. Enter your ATM debit card password. Enter the confirmation code as shown in the icon and click on “Confirm”.

How is the banking industry in Jordan doing?

Moody’s Investors Service maintained a stable outlook for Jordan’s banking industry in late 2020. However, the coronavirus shock aggravated its credit challenges, in particular the government’s elevated debt burden and social pressures stemming from weak growth and high unemployment.