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Who makes Huskee Tiller?

MTD Products – Huskee Rear Tine Tiller, comes with a Briggs & Stratton Intek 190 – 5.5 h.p gas engine, 18″ tilling width, counter rotating tines and side plates, has not been used very much, very clean, like new condition, seller started this on the first pull to demonstrate, tills very good, made in the USA.

How do you fix a tiller carburetor?

How to Replace the Carburetor on a Tiller

  1. Remove the air filter.
  2. Remove the air filter base.
  3. Detach the primer line and crank case vent line.
  4. Remove the fuel line.
  5. Remove the throttle linkage.
  6. Replace the throttle linkage.
  7. Slide the carburetor back onto the mounting bolts.
  8. Replace the air filter base.

Why is my Tiller not getting gas?

You could have a clogged fuel cap, which can prevent air from entering the gas tank. Loosen the gas cap a little and start the tiller again. If it starts and stays running, try cleaning or replacing the gas cap. A clogged carburetor could also be the problem.

Does Husky still make tillers?

Whether you need to break up a lawn or prepare a garden patch for sowing, Husqvarna has a tiller for you. Our range comprises two different models – rear-tine and front-tine. The front-tine tillers are suitable for smaller landscaping work, such as preparing flowerbeds and garden patches.

Why does my tiller dies when engaged?

If your carburetor is clogged or damaged, it may allow enough air to enter so the cultivator idles, but once the throttle engages, it chokes and dies. Sometimes carburetors can simply be cleaned, and the problem goes away. Sometimes carburetors can simply be cleaned, and the problem goes away.

Why is my Tiller not starting?

A dirty carburetor, bad gasoline, failed spark plug or broken recoil starter can prevent the tiller engine from starting. Bad gasoline can clog the carburetor, so clean and rebuild the carburetor if the tiller doesn’t start after replacing the gas in the fuel tank. Replace the carburetor if it’s too clogged to clean.