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Who is the star of the song of the south?

Song of the South is a 1946 American live-action/animated musical film produced by Walt Disney and released by RKO Radio Pictures. It is based on the collection of Uncle Remus stories as adapted by Joel Chandler Harris, and stars James Baskett as Uncle Remus.

When was the song of the south made?

Advanced embedding details, examples, and help ! Song of the South is a 1946 American live-action/animated musical film produced by Walt Disney and released by RKO Radio Pictures, based on the Uncle Remus stories collected by Joel Chandler Harris.

Are there slaves in song of the south?

THERE ARE NO SLAVES IN THIS FILM. The style of dresses of the actresses in the film comes from the post North-South War era, and in a turning point of the film, Uncle Remus decides he is going to pack his bags and leave without letting anyone know and arranging a coach for himself.

How old is Johnny in song of the south?

The story follows seven-year-old Johnny ( Bobby Driscoll) who is visiting his grandmother’s plantation for an extended stay. Johnny befriends Uncle Remus, one of the workers on the plantation, and takes joy in hearing his tales about the adventures of Br’er Rabbit, Br’er Fox, and Br’er Bear.

Is the song of the south an offensive movie?

It matters not the value of the film. In a heartbeat, Disney would withdraw something as beloved as the ‘The Little Mermaid’ if it were one day decided that the film was unfair or offensive in its depiction of mermaids. In ‘Song of the South,’ one sees an innocence and warmth.

Where was the movie Song of the south filmed?

It was not until 1939 that he began negotiating with the Harris family for the film rights, and finally in 1944, filming for Song of the South began. The studio constructed a plantation set for the outdoor scenes in Phoenix, Arizona, and some other scenes were filmed in Hollywood.

When did the song of the south come out?

Song of the South premiered in Atlanta in November 1946 and the remainder of its initial theater run was a financial success. The song ” Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah ” won the 1948 Academy Award for Best Original Song and Baskett received an Academy Honorary Award for his performance as Uncle Remus.

How is song of the south related to reconstruction?

The film makes several indirect references to the Reconstruction Era: clothing is in the newer late-Victorian style; Uncle Remus is free to leave the plantation at will; black field hands are sharecroppers, etc’ Song of the South has received both praise and condemnation.

Who was the cinematographer for Song of the south?

For Song of the South, Disney pulled out all the stops to hire the best and well accomplished in Hollywood to work on the film’s live-action sequences, including the legendary cinematographer Gregg Toland ( The Best Years of Our Lives (1946), Citizen Kane (1941), The Grapes of Wrath (1940), The Long Voyage Home (1940)]

Who was Mr Bojangles in song of the south?

After abandoning his studies of pharmacology for financial reasons, James Baskett supported himself as an actor, moving from his home town of Indianapolis, Indiana to New York City, New York and joining the company of Bill Robinson, better known as Mr. Bojangles.

Is the princess and the frog in song of the south?

While imagineering using Song of the South was free of controversy for the most part as it only used the Br’er characters, Splash Mountain at the Magic Kingdom will be rethemed to The Princess and the Frog, following social outcry off the back of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Why was song of the south called problematic?

Song of the South has been called out for having racism weaved into the writing of its story, setting, and characters, and it was considered to be problematic by scholars of race years before the Black Lives Matter movement brought it into the spotlight.

Where does song of the south take place?

Here’s the synopsis of the setting, with information taken from a Walt Disney promotional leaflet: ‘The film is set on a plantation in the southern United States; specifically, some distance from Atlanta, Georgia.

What was Uncle Remus signature song in song of the south?

On the final day of shooting, Jackson discovered that the scene in which Uncle Remus sings the film’s signature song, “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah”, had not been properly blocked.

After the Civil War, down in the Deep South state of Georgia, a little boy named Johnny (Bobby Driscoll) is excited about a trip to visit his grandmother living on a rural cotton/tobacco/rice/pecan plantation. However, his visit soon turns painful as he learns that his parents are separating, and his dad returns to Atlanta.

Who was the voice of the butterfly in song of the south?

Not only did Baskett get the part of the butterfly’s voice, but also the voice of Br’er Fox and the live-action role of Uncle Remus as well. Additionally, Baskett filled in as the voice of Br’er Rabbit for Johnny Lee in the “Laughing Place” scene after Lee was called away to do promotion for the picture.

When does song of the south go into public domain?

As the Disney company has never released the film on home video in the USA, the film will go into public domain in 2039 and Disney will lose all copyright to the film if it does not get it released again, physically in theaters or home video or even by digitally streaming for rental or purchase. Interesting?