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Who is the new female presenter on Sky Sports News?

Jacqui Oatley has also joined the Sky Sports Barclays FA Women’s Super League talent line-up as a commentator, with Sky Sports News’ Jess Creighton to present a new show called ‘Inside the WSL’.

Who is presenting on Sky News now?

Kimberley Leonard
Sky News Today is a live news programme on Sky News which usually runs between 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm on weekdays. The programme is usually presented by two anchors, however due to COVID-19, as of January 2021 the programme features a single presenter….Current presenters.

Presenter Role
Kimberley Leonard Relief Presenter

Who is Sky News political editor?

Beth Rigby
Beth Rigby. Elizabeth Frances Rigby (born 19 February 1976) is a British journalist. She has worked for Sky News since 2016 and became their political editor on 12 April 2019. Rigby has previously worked as a newspaper journalist for the Financial Times and The Times.

Who is Kate Abdo husband?

Ramtin Abdom. 2010
Kate Abdo/Husband

Who are the current Sky Sports News presenters?

List of Sky Sports News Presenters. Adam Leventhal. Alice Piper. Bela Shah. Charlie Thomas. Charlotte Coleman. Clare Tomlinson. David Garrido. Ed Draper.

Are there any women on Sky Sports News?

And as Sky Sports keep adding new women to the Sky Sports News Desk, we must keep updating. There are now actually only 5 quite lovely ladies working on the news desk, with one of the more popular, Natalie Sawyer leaving under a cloud of smoke last year.

Who are the presenters on Sky News pledge?

On 6 April 2016, Sky News announced that it was to launch a new show, entitled The Pledge. It will not have a traditional presenter, but will instead have 9 panellists, with 5 appearing on each episode. Michelle Dewberry, Nick Ferrari, Rachel Johnson, Graeme Le Saux and June Sarpong appeared in the first programme on Thursday 21 April.

When did Georgie Thompson join Sky Sports News?

Georgie Thompson Georgie was a central figure on Sky Sports for 11 years, first joining the network in January 2001. She was a huge hit with sports betting fans on Sky Sports News, earning a loyal audience with her Afternoon Report segment. In 2011, Georgie made the switch from Sky Sports News presenter to take on a leading role on Sky Sports F1.