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Who is the district attorney in Franklin Parish?

Penny Douciere
Penny Douciere — District Attorney of the Fifth Judicial District — Serving the Parishes of Franklin, Richland and West Carroll, Louisiana.

Who is the DA in St Mary Parish?

Bofill “Bo” Duhé
Voters in Iberia, St. Martin and St. Mary parishes handed District Attorney Bofill “Bo” Duhé reelection by a wide margin Tuesday.

Who is the DA of Baton Rouge?

District Attorney

Name Title
Moore, III, Hillar District Attorney

How do you serve the district attorney?

Service can be done in person, or by mail, by delivering a copy of the petition to the office of prosecuting attorney. The D.A. has an office at every criminal courthouse.

Who is the Iberia Parish Sheriff?

Tommy Romero
NEW IBERIA — Tommy Romero is now the sheriff in Iberia Parish. Romero was elected in the December election. He will be taking over for Sheriff Louis Ackal, who served as the sheriff for the past 12 years.

What is the difference between a lawyer and a district attorney?

A lawyer is simply one who is trained in the law. In comparison to lawyers who can be hired by anyone (including the government), the District attorney has only one client – the government and responsible for one job – to prosecute criminal defendants on behalf of the government.

Who is the district attorney of East Baton Rouge Parish?

East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney Hillar Moore III qualified to run for another six-year term Wednesday, but he drew no challengers on the first of three days of qualifying for the Nov. 3 election.

What district is Iberia Parish?

Historically, it has also been a center for sugar cane cultivation and produces the most sugar of any parish in the state. Iberia Parish is part of the Lafayette metropolitan area….Iberia Parish, Louisiana.

Iberia Parish
Congressional district 3rd