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Who is the actress in the Vodafone advert 2021?

Gina Mellotte
Vodafone Advert – Gina Mellotte.

Who is in the new Vodafone advert?

Watch the new Be Unlimited Vodafone ad | Mark Ronson ft. Alicia Keys.

Where is the lighthouse in the Vodafone ad?

He finally gets some peace and quiet only to discover his crush is calling to suggest they take a walk, and she is actually just outside his home – which happens to be a lighthouse. The shoot took place in Scotland under strict Covid-safe protocols, using Irish and Scottish talent. read less…

Who is the girl that does the carpet call ad?

Annette Melton

Annette Melton
Melton in 2008
Born Annette Melton 11 July 1985 Sydney, Australia
Nationality Australian
Occupation actress, television presenter, model

Who is the woman in the Emma mattress advert?

Camilla Arfwedson
Born Camilla Katrina Arfwedson 16 October 1981 Westminster, London
Occupation Actress
Years active 2005–present
Spouse(s) Jack Hawkins ​ ( m. 2019)​

Who is the girl in the new Halifax advert?

Michelle Brownbill‎Halifax Glad to know that I was not wrong on my guess when I first saw this new advert.

Who is the actress in the Wickes Kitchen advert?

Elizabeth Bower
Born 1 August 1976 Leeds, West Yorkshire, England

Who are the actors in the Gomo ad?

Finn Keenan, P.O.B, Kathryn Ferguson, Ellius Grace, Rory Hanrahan, Hugh Mulhern, Sam McGrath, Ross Killeen, James & James, Adam Patterson.

Who does the voiceover for the Halifax advert 2021?

Claire King | Voice Over Artist.

Where was Halifax advert 2021 filmed?

Flanked by a hardy camera crew and decked out in Delta Force Paintball’s state of the art camouflage combat suits, the Halifax guys and girls settled in to Orpington’s beautiful five star basecamp and began filming.