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Who is on the Warriors coaching staff?

Steve Kerr
Golden State Warriors/Head coaches
The Golden State Warriors have announced that Kenny Atkinson and DeJan (DAY-hahn) Milojević (mi-lo-yo-vihch) have been added as assistant coaches and Jama (Jah-MAH) Mahlalela (MAH-la-lay-lah) has been added as Director, Player Development/Assistant Coach on Head Coach Steve Kerr’s staff.

Who is the assistant coach for the Golden State Warriors?

The Golden State Warriors finalized some moves this week to bolster their coaching staff, with former Brooklyn Nets head coach Kenny Atkinson and Toronto Raptors’ assistant coach Jama Mahlalela joining Dejan Milojevic as new faces on Steve Kerr’s staff.

Where is coach Mike Brown now?

Nigeria national
On February 5, 2020, he was announced as the new head coach of Nigeria national basketball team.

How much do pro assistant coaches make?

It’s hard to place an exact figure since the NBA doesn’t disclose coaching salaries. According to an article from The Washington Post published on New Year’s Day 2019, NBA assistant coach salaries range from $100,000 to over $1 million depending on coaching experience..

Is Mike Brown still a Warriors coach?

Warriors assistant coach Mike Brown joins “After the Game” after leading Team Nigeria to victory over Steve Kerr and Team USA.

Who is coaching Team Nigeria Basketball?

Mike Brown
Nigeria men’s national basketball team/Coaches

Mike Brown ready to lead a new era of Nigerian basketball at Tokyo 2020. After disappointment at the past two Olympic tournaments, Golden State Warriors assistant coach Mike Brown is at the helm of a new Nigerian men’s basketball team primed to rewrite history.

How much does coach K make at Duke?

Coach K’s base salary is $7,048,206, plus bonuses that make him the second-highest paid coach in college basketball behind Kentucky’s John Calipari, according to Essentially Sports.