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Who is Nimboli in Balika Vadhu?

Actor Gracy Goswami
TV Actor Gracy Goswami, popularly known as Nimboli from Colors TV’s ‘Balika Vadhu’, is all set to make a comeback with Sab TV’s ‘Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye’

Does Nimboli find out that Anandi is her mother?

Nimboli says this is not truth. Anandi says this is truth, I don’t want to tell you like this, but I don’t have any other way. Nimboli’s fake mum says Anandi is right and she is her real mum and not me. Kamli tells Nimboli that she also knows that her real mum is Anandi.

What is the role of Nimboli in Balika Vadhu?

Post leap, Mahhi Vij will play the role of Anandi’s daughter Nimboli. Balika Vadhu is all set to take a time leap of 20 years soon and Anandi’s daughter Nandini aka Nimboli will be shown as a doctor in Jaipur, post leap.

What happens to Amol in Balika Vadhu?

Amol is apparently kidnapped by a lady who runs a beggar’s racket. Anandi had previously caught the woman red handed, freed all the children and made sure she was punished for her crimes by the law. Now the lady wants to take revenge, so she kidnaps Amol and hides him in a secure location.

What is the end story of Balika Vadhu?

Kundan kidnaps her to force her to remarry him, but is killed by the police. In the epilogue, she summarizes her family history from Anandi’s childhood to her present in a book titled Balika Vadhu.

What is the age of Gracy Goswami?

18 years (May 22, 2003)
Gracy Goswami/Age

Who played the role of Kundan in Balika Vadhu?

Actor Sparsh Shrivastav, the winner of Chak Dhoom Dhoom on Colors, who bagged fame as an actor in the role of Kundan in Balika Vadhu will move out of the show now.

When did Pratyusha Banerjee died?

April 1, 2016
Pratyusha Banerjee/Date of death

Can Amol walk in Balika Vadhu?

Amol is physically handicapped and could not walk. He needs special attention and Anandi always gave him love and care.

Why Balika Vadhu Anandi died?

This was her first leading role in the television series where she earned her household name “Anandi”….

Pratyusha Banerjee
Born 10 August 1991 Jamshedpur, Bihar (now in Jharkhand), India
Died 1 April 2016 (aged 24) Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Cause of death Suicide by hanging
Nationality Indian

Who does Nandini marry in Balika Vadhu?

Krish Malhotra
The second season is set 15 years after the end of season 1. Nandini is a physician, driven by a promise to her dying mother to provide medical treatment throughout Rajasthan. She marries medical student Krish Malhotra, who she later learns is the stepson of Kundan.