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Who is most beautiful actress in Marathi serial?

here we have listed few talented, gorgeous, beautiful and Hot Marathi actress list.

  • 1 Sonalee Kulkarni.
  • Amruta Khanvilkar.
  • Priya Bapat.
  • Sai Tamhankar.
  • Madhura Velankar.
  • Aditi Sarangdhar.
  • Ashwini Bhave.
  • Aditi Sudhir Pohankar.

Who is the most famous Marathi actress?

Women’s Day 2019- A look at the most popular Marathi TV actresses

  • 01/11Women’s Day 2019- A look at the most popular Marathi TV actresses.
  • 02/11Priya Bapat.
  • 03/11Hruta Durgule.
  • 04/11Sonalee Kulkarni.
  • 05/11Amruta Khanvilkar.
  • 06/11Sai Tamhankar.
  • 07/11Akshaya Deodhar.
  • 08/11Shruti Marathe.

Who is the most handsome man in Marathi industry?

Meet Maharashtra’s most desirable men on TV 2020

  • 01/16Meet Maharashtra’s most desirable men on TV 2020.
  • 02/161) Ajinkya Raut.
  • 03/162) Ashutosh Patki.
  • 04/163) Vishhal Nikam.
  • 05/164) Siddharth Chandekar.
  • 06/165) Shalva Kinjawdekar.
  • 07/166) Raj Hanchanale.
  • 08/167) Aashutosh Gokhale.

Who is Tejashree Pradhan husband?

Shashank Ketkarm. 2014–2015
Tejashree Pradhan/Husband

Who is the beautiful girl in Maharashtra?

Recently Times of India conducted a poll for the top 20 most desirable women of Maharashtra 2019 in which Nehha Pendse Bayas stood first with her beauty and talent.

Who is the handsome boy in Maharashtra?

02/161) Ajinkya Raut He is the Maharashtra’s Most Desirable Man on TV 2020 and we are not surprised. He is daring and thinks out-of-the-box in terms of his style and projects. His popularity grew by leaps and bounds, thanks to his firebrand performance in the mythological TV show ‘Vithu Mauli’.

Who are some famous Marathi actors and actresses?

Pradnya Jadhav Pradnya Jadhav (Jadhav) is a Marathi film industry actor who was born September 09, 1984. In Marathi cinema Jadhav has contributed to films such as Sasu Numbari Jawai Dus Numbri, Sasar Maze He Mandir, Gondya Martay Tangda, Jogwa Amba Baicha, Majhya Aaila Jaun Saangaa and many more.

Who is the actress in Bigg Bos Marathi?

Shivani Surve is Marathi & hindi Tv serial Actress. She is popular for marathi tv serial Bigg Bos Marathi on Colors Marathi..

Who is the Marathi actress who plays Siddhi?

Recently, Vidula made her debut on Colors Marathi serial television, Jeev Zala Yeda Pisa. Through this serial she plays a Siddhi character opposite to actor Ashok Phal Dessai. This serial is popular with many.

Who is the famous Marathi actress Sheetal from Zee?

Shivani Baokar Marathi Actress Photos, Biography (Anjali – Lagir Zala Ji) Name : Shivani Baokar Also Known as : Sheetal From Zee Marathi Serial ‘Lagira Zhala Jee’ City… Name : Suruchi Adarkar City : Mumbai (current city) Birth Date : April 25 About : Marathi actress Suruchi Adarkar is popular for her role in zee…