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Who is Jeri Stuff You Should Know?

The show’s regular producer is Jeri “Jerome” Rowland, and she is assisted by a variety of regular guest producers, including Matt and Noel. Other staff includes Rebecca, the web producer, as well as Sherry and Joe. In 2017, there was a staff of 35.

Where is Josh Clark from?

Bethesda, Maryland, United States
Josh Clark/Place of birth

What are the best Stuff You Should Know episodes?

The 10 Best Stuff You Should Know Episodes

  • 1) The Black Panther Party.
  • 2) How the Navajo Code Talkers Worked.
  • 3) The Tylenol Murders, Part I.
  • 4) What’s the What with Fish Fraud?
  • 5) Planned Obsolescence: Engine of the Consumer Economy.
  • 6) The Dyatlov Pass Mystery.
  • 7) SYSK Live: The DB Cooper Heist.

What happened to Stuff You Should Know?

Out of an abundance of caution and by state mandate, the Stuff You Should Know concert originally scheduled on March 30, 2020 at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall has been canceled. We had hoped to reschedule this event, but were unable to secure a date.

What is Josh Clark salary?

3 Josh Clark & Chuck Bryant: Stuff You Should Know – $7.2 Million Per Year.

Who invented Couch to 5K?

Josh Clark
Couch to 5K is a running plan for absolute beginners. It was developed by a new runner, Josh Clark, who wanted to help his 50-something mum get off the couch and start running, too. The plan involves 3 runs a week, with a day of rest in between, and a different schedule for each of the 9 weeks.

What’s the deal with Rasputin’s death?

Rasputin was murdered during the early morning on 30 December [O.S. 17 December] 1916 at the home of Felix Yusupov. He died of three gunshot wounds, one of which was a close-range shot to his forehead. According to historian Douglas Smith, “what really happened at the Yusupov home on 17 December will never be known”.

What exactly is fascism SYSK?

Fascism is a specific political philosophy that’s often mistakenly used to describe any authoritarian, supressive movement or regime. Josh and Chuck discuss the origins, history and markers of Fascism in this episode.

Is Lore podcast real?

Lore is a podcast about non-fiction scary stories. Each episode examines historical events that show the dark side of human nature (usually through the lens of folklore) and is presented in a style that’s been compared to a campfire experience. As of October 2017, the series has 5 million monthly listeners.

Do podcasts pay guests?

Typically, podcasts do not pay their guests. Their “Payment” comes from exposure to the audience as well as highlights to their services, e-books, products, etc. Offering gratitude and other forms of payment can go a long way to form a lasting partnership. Something of which could benefit you more in the long run.

Who are the hosts of stuff you should know?

Stuff You Should Know, often abbreviated as SYSK, is a podcast and video series published by Stuff Media and hosted by Josh Clark and Charles W. “Chuck” Bryant, both writers at HowStuffWorks.

Who is Josh from the SYSK podcast a fan of?

He is a former smoker, drinks a lot of coffee, and is an amateur mixologist. His hero is Muhammad Yunus. His favorite books include 1491 and 1493 by Charles C. Mann which he frequently quotes and/or references in the SYSK podcast. Josh is also a fan of The Simpsons, Firefly, Dollywood, and Quentin Tarantino.

What should you know about the stuff you should know podcast?

Stuff You Should Know. The podcast, released every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, educates listeners on a wide variety of topics, often using popular culture as a reference giving the podcast comedic value. The podcast is available for free on the iTunes Store and consistently appears in the platform’s Top 10.

Who are the staff of stuff you should know?

The Stuff You Should Know staff includes Rebecca, the web producer, Matt and Noel, the occasional guest producers, as well as Sherry and Joe. Their studio is slightly larger than a broom closet.