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Who is Carol Drinkwater husband?

Michel Nollm. 1988
Carol Drinkwater/Husband

Is Carol Drinkwater still married to Michel?

Is Carol Drinkwater married? Yep. Carol is married to French TV producer Michel Noll, who in 1987 launched his own production house Quartier Latin specialising in Children’s programs and Documentaries.

When did Carol Drinkwater meet her husband?

Drinkwater left the show promptly after filming the second Christmas Special. She met future husband Michel while shooting a mini-series in Australia in 1984. Timothy has been married to Annie Veronica Swatton since 1982 and they have one daughter. He remains good friends with Carol to this day.

What happened to actress Carol Drinkwater?

Carol Drinkwater is a British actress and writer, fondly remembered in the UK for playing Helen Herriot in the classic BBC TV series All Creatures Great and Small as well as many stage and film appearances. Carol now lives in the South of France with her husband Michel.

Who is Christopher Timothy wife?

Annie Veronica Swattonm. 1982
Christopher Timothy/Wife

Who replaced Carol Drinkwater?

Lynda Bellingham
Although the relationship ended amicably, Drinkwater decided not to return to the show when it was revived for Seasons 4-7. Her part was re-cast, with Lynda Bellingham as Helen.

How old is Christopher Timothy?

81 years (October 14, 1940)
Christopher Timothy/Age

How old is Helen Drinkwater?

73 years (April 22, 1948)
Carol Drinkwater/Age

Who is Peter Davison married to?

Elizabeth Mortonm. 2003
Sandra Dickinsonm. 1978–1994Diane J. Russellm. 1973–1975
Peter Davison/Spouse

What age is Nicholas Ralph?

About 31 years (1990)
Nicholas Ralph/Age

How is Carol Drinkwater and her husband doing?

Since their marriage, the couple has maintained a perfect relationship between them and never involved in any affairs and disputes. Besides this, there is not any information regarding her children. Currently, Carol and Michel are enjoying their married life and living elegantly. 1 Who is Carol Drinkwater?

How old is Carol Drinkwater married to Michel Noll?

Is Carol Drinkwater lesbian?: The 69-year-old veteran actress is a married woman. She tied the knot with Michel Noll. However, there is not any information regarding her marriage date and place. Since their marriage, the couple has maintained a perfect relationship between them and never involved in any affairs and disputes.

How many followers does Carol Drinkwater have on Twitter?

Carol is not so active on social media. Although, she holds a Twitter account in which she has more than 6.5k followers. Furthermore, she doesn’t use other social accounts such as Instagram and Facebook.

What kind of movies did Carol Drinkwater appear in?

Carol began her career from the 1985 film The Haunted School. Later, she appeared in a couple of more films such as An Abundance of Rain, Akin to Love, Mapping the Heart, and a few more. Furthermore, some of her successful television series include Chocky , Bouquet of Barbed Wire , Another Bouquet, Golden Pennies, and a few more.