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Who has spent the most money on COC?

Arabs from the Middle East are paying staggering sums inside Clash of Clans. One player in Clash of Clans, the addictive war game app, has spent more than $1 million on in-app purchases to buy his way to the top of the game’s league system. The player is believed to be a Saudi.

Where are most COC players from?

Top Countries Playing Clash of Clans

  • United States – 18.92%
  • Turkey – 6.17%
  • China – 4.09%
  • Germany – 3.65%
  • Russia – 3.57%

In which country COC is not played?

Iran has banned Clash of Clans for promoting violence and tribal conflict | TechCrunch.

What are bottom tiers in Marvel Contest of Champions?

There are some champs in Bottom Tier (Some people called them Meme Tier or Meh Tier Champs) who have basically 0% chance of clearing certain content because they lack the required utility. They are not so good at the point of Damage, Utility or Sustainability.

What is COC TH9 base anti 3 star war design?

coc th9 base anti 3 star war design. Now this is an interesting level 9 layout design that can defend various opponent attacks. In this village we have included latest addition geared cannon. This level 9 layout has excellent placement of traps with open compartment inviting ground troops to come inside.

Who are the best characters in Clash of clans?

2 Best: P.E.K.K.A. Easily the strongest characters in the game right now are the P.E.K.K.A.s. These metallic monsters have both the highest attack and the highest health out of every troop in the game. They are capable of tearing down walls, smashing buildings, and carving through hordes of enemies with ease.

Why does wall Beaker rank last in Clash of clans?

The only reason Wall Breakers don’t rank dead last is that some crafty players are using them now and then in very clever ways. But at the end of the day, a Wall Beaker is meant to break walls and that’s it.