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Who are the best wallpaper brands in the UK?

We’re big on quality here at Wallpaper Online. Our years of expertise have helped us develop relationships with the UK’s very best luxury wallpaper brands. Cole and Son, Matthew Williamson & Harlequin to name a few. Designers who stand for true quality, and absolute luxury, with years of history and Royal approval to their name.

What kind of wallpaper does Graham and brown use?

A wide collection of paintable white wallcoverings, perfect for adding texture to your walls and hiding minor imperfections. This anthology from Graham and Brown includes both traditional and contemporary designs at affordable prices.

What kind of wallpapers are used in 21st century homes?

But now as we move into the 21 st century wallpapers are back with a series of funky designs, warm coloured murals and an outstandingly modern feel to wallpaper design. What you will see as you browse over our modern looking wallpaper styles are floral designs, wallpapers for children’s rooms and wall murals.

Which is the best colour to use for wallpaper?

From shades of yellow to stunning metallic effects, gold wallpaper is the perfect accent colour to add a little pizzazz to your home.

Which is the best wallpaper to put on walls?

Or if you want to keep things minimal but add a unique twist to your walls, textured wallpaper will compliment your space whilst giving it a sense of character and edge. And if you have the luxury of having a bigger open space then our Graham and Brown patterned wallpaper range offers stunningly stylish prints for any room.

What can you do with hand picked wallpaper?

Our hand-picked wallpaper collection will allow you to transform your room in a short space of time. With hundreds of colours and patterns to choose from, you will have the power to transform any room you desire.