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Which Splitsvilla couple are still together?

Popular TV personality Prince Narula, who is now happily married to the love of his life Yuvika Chaudhary, was also a part of Splitsvilla once. He bonded well with Anuki Tchokhonelidze and they were proclaimed as the winners of their season too.

Why did vyomesh leave Splitsvilla?

As per the sources, he was suffering from health circumstances through which he was not attending in the prior task and as a consequence, he had to leave the show. But another side, Samruddhi had to face dumped zone, and as the result, she got evicted from the Villa.

Is Splitsvilla scripted?

We are not equipped and skilled to script the shows for 18 seasons. It is easy to say that the two contestants were best friends and how can he/she vote them out, so it’s easy to say it’s scripted. Talking about the new season of Splitsvilla, he said that the show was shot during the ongoing pandemic COVID-19.

Who is Mayank Pawar?

Mayank Pawar is a also known for winning Mr India titles 6 times & Mr Asia title once in Singapore where he made his country proud. He has also been seen in popular reality show MTV Splitsvilla. In the end, a girl and a boy are crowned the winners of Splitsvilla.

Who is Anushka Mitra dating?

Anushka Mitra is currently single. She had been in a relationship with Roadies fame Kevin Almasifar for 10 years and they were on a break when he was off to US.

Are vyomesh and arushi dating?

While the Golden Villa was filled with couples, Vyomesh didn’t have a partner. The hosts asked him to select a partner, and his options were Aarushi Chib and Pallak Yadav, as the rest of the contestants already had their connections. After giving it a thought, Vyomesh chose Aarushi, leaving her feeling very happy.

Who is dumped today in splitsvilla 13?

At the climax, Jay-Aditi and Shivam-Pallak competed to win the final challenge. On 25th September 2021, Piyush-Avantika got eliminated from Splitsvilla 13….Splitsvilla 13 Elimination – Dumping Zone.

Age 24
Hometown Jammu, India
In Silver Villa
Dumped by/Lost to Dhruv-Sapna
Status Eliminated (11th September 2021)

Who is Mayank Gandhi dating?

One of the famous television couples, Mayank Gandhi and Hunar Hale walked down the aisle together on August 28, 2016. Theirs was an amazingly beautiful Gurudwara wedding that took place at Pahari Wala Gurudwara Sahib in the capital, New Delhi.