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Which is the biggest river in Kannur?

Valapattanam River
The Valapattanam River is a 110 km long river which flows through the Kannur district in North Kerala. It is the longest river in the Kannur district….Valapattanam River.

Valapattanam വളപട്ടണം നദി
Country India
State Kerala
District Kannur
Physical characteristics

What is the other name of Valapattanam?

Etymology. This town is also known as Balyapattanam. This town is situated on the banks of the Valapattanam river.

How many rivers are there in Kannur?

Kerala has 44 rivers, of which 41 flow westwards and the rest towards east. The basin area of major rivers is located within the Western Ghats….List of Rivers and Tributaries in Kerala.

Sl. No. 14.
Name of the River Anjarakandy
Districts in which river flows Kannur
Length (km) 40
Main tributaries Kappu Thodu, Idumba Thodu

Which district in Valapattanam?

Kannur District
Valapattanam, Kannur District, Kerala, India | Kerala Tourism.

Which is the longest bridge in Kannur?

Korappuzha Bridge Completed in 1940, it has 13 spans.

Which are the rivers in Kannur?

  • Kannur River.
  • Kasargod River.
  • Ernakulum River.
  • Malappuram River.
  • Palakkad River.
  • Thrissur River.
  • Kottayam River.
  • Kozhikode River.

Which is the biggest panchayat in Kerala?

Peringammala is the first largest panchayat in Thiruvananthapuram district in the state of Kerala, India….Peringamala.

Per peringammala grama panjayath
• Body Gram panchayat
Population (2001)
• Total 21,477

Which river called Kerala Ganga?

Yes, the Pamba River has left indelible marks in the historical, cultural and religious life of Kerala. River Pamba, venerated as southern Ganga, originates at the Pulachimalai hill in the Peermedu plateau of the Western Ghats at an altitude of 1650 m and drains into the Vembanad Lake after nourishing many places.

Which are the 44 rivers in Kerala?

Kerala’s 44 rivers include the Periyar; 244 kilometres (152 mi), Bharathapuzha; 209 kilometres (130 mi), Pamba; 176 kilometres (109 mi), Chaliyar; 169 kilometres (105 mi), Kadalundipuzha; 130 kilometres (81 mi), Chalakudipuzha; 130 kilometres (81 mi), Valapattanam; 129 kilometres (80 mi) and the Achankovil River; 128 …

Which is the smallest village in Kerala?

Perinjanam is a village in Thrissur district in the state of Kerala, India. It is one of the smallest villages in Kerala….Perinjanam.

Perinjanam Perinnanam, Peringanam
Country India
State Kerala
District Thrissur
Population (2001)

Which is the biggest river in Kerala?

The 244 km long Periyar, known as Choorni in ancient period, is the longest river in Kerala.

Which is the biggest bridge in Kerala?

Vembanad Rail Bridge is a rail connecting Edappally and Vallarpadam in Kochi, Kerala. With a total length of 4,620 metres, it is the second longest railway bridge in India….

Vembanad Rail Bridge
Coordinates 10.006°N 76.258°E
Carries Rail
Crosses Vembanad Lake
Locale Kochi, Kerala, India

Which is the largest river in Kannur district?

Valapattanam River is in Kannur district and is the largest river in Kannur. This river originates from the Western Ghats and empties into Arabian Sea. Long ago, this river was used as a ship route for trading purposes. This river is a major source of irrigation in Kannur and is also a fishing harbor.

Which is the longest river in North Kerala?

The Valapattanam River is a 110 km long river which flows through the Kannur district in North Kerala. It is the longest river in the Kannur district. The Valapattanam River originates from the Brahmagiri hills of Western Ghats in Karnataka.

Where is the dam of Pazhassi in Kerala?

An ideal retreat for tourists, the Pazhassi Dam is located 37 km east of Kannur district in Kerala. The dam site is famous for its scenic beauty and calming atmosphere. The dam is constructed across the west-flowing Valapattanam River near VELIYAMBRA and serves as irrigation channel for an area of 11,525 hectares.