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Which flower is offered to Lord Venkateswara?

An average of 25 to 50 kilos of marigold flowers and 5 kilos of scented leaves are used in the making of garlands and decoration of the sanctum of Srivari temple.

Where do flowers come from Tirumala temple?

Many varieties of flowers, including marigold, rose, jasmine and ‘marikozhundu’ purchased from Tiruchengode, Salem, Konganapuram, Attur and Rasipuram were brought to a marriage hall in Tiruchengode where over 400 devotees prepared the garlands.

Why Lord Venkateswara eyes are closed?

According to sources Lord Balaji’s idol wears a white mark that is so huge to cover the eyes. Thus, the devotees can see only a small part of the Lord’s eyes while the rest is covered.

What is Arjitha Seva?

It aims at curtailing the number of ‘abhishekams’ to prevent erosion of idols. The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) has resolved to do away with certain arjitha sevas such as Sahasra Kalasabhishekam, Visesha puja and Vasanthotsavam and perform them only once in a year by converting them into ‘circar events’.

Which God likes which flower?

Lord Vishnu: Also known as The Preserver of the Universe, Lord Vishnu likes Lotus, Maulsari, Juhi, Chameli, Ashoka, Malti, Vasanti, Kadam, Kewra, Champa, and Vaijayanti. Apart from fragrant flowers, he loves Basil leaves.

Where do flowers come for Tirupati?

Flowers offered to Lord comes out at Verpedu The priests, however, refrain from looking at the back side of the holy deity for the rest of the day. Surprisingly, the discarded flowers can be seen at a place known as Yerpedu which lies 20 kilometres away from Tirupati.

What is Arjitha Vasanthotsavam Seva?

Vasonthotsavam is a arjitha seva – paid service where pilgrims pay to view the ceremony. Each ticket costs Rs 300 ($7) and allows 1 person.

What is Arjitha brahmotsavam Seva?

TTD Tirumala Tirumala Darshan Seva, Arjitham means Darshan or Seva to the Lord on payment of a fee. Arjitha Brahmotsavam ritual performed daily, the abridged manner in vaibhavotsava mandapam. Management will conduct peacefully, Admission to any particular seva on payment of a fee is known as “Amantranotsavam”.

What is Shiva’s favorite flower?

1. Dhatura. According to the Hindu religious text Vamana Purana, when Lord Shiva drank the poison which was churned out of the ocean by the Gods and demons, Dhatura appeared from the chest of Lord Shiva. Since then, Dhatura became Lord Shiva’s favorite flower.

Which is the best family cottage in Tirupati?

With an inbuilt restaurant, free-parking space and instantaneous room-service, the Hill View cottage offers well-maintained and hygienic rooms to stay in. The best part about these family cottages in Tirupati is that they are kid-friendly and interiors, as well as exteriors, are built accordingly.

Who are the consorts of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam?

This is called Krishnadevarayalu Mandapam or Pratima Mandapam. This mandapam has been constructed in Vijayanagara architectural style. To the right side of this porch, one can find tall copper statues of the emperor of Vijayanagara kingdom, Sri Krishnadevarayalu and his two consorts, Tirumala Devi and Chinnadevi.

What is the penalty for not vacating a room at Tirumala?

TTD has enforced penalty on accommodation for those pilgrims who does not vacate the rooms within 24 hours as the norms of TTD. If the pilgrim fails to vacate the room within 24 hours then he should pay an enhanced rent of 200% after 48 hours, 400% after 72 hours.

What is the name of the main entrance in Tirumala?

This entrance has other names such as ‘Padivaakili’ and ‘Simhadwaram’.In Tamil it is called ‘Periya Thiruvasal’. On either side of this main entrance there are two feet high statues made of alloy metal (Pancha loha). They are Sankanidhi and Padmanidhi who are the guardians of ‘Navanidhi’, the treasure of Lord Sri Venkateswara.