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Which district is Koforidua Regional Hospital?

New Jauben Municipality
The Eastern Regional Hospital also known as Koforidua Regional Hospital is a regional and proposed teaching hospital in Koforidua in the Eastern region of Ghana. The Koforidua Regional Hospital was established in 1926. The hospital is located in the New Jauben Municipality in the Eastern Region.

How many hospitals are in Eastern Region?

There has been no major rehabilitation or additional structures since then. The 356 bed hospital compared to 314 in 2004 now serve as a referral point for about sixteen (16) district hospitals in the Eastern Region….MR. SAMUEL ADZADI.

Mr Morton Head of Lab

Which district is St Joseph hospital Koforidua?

The St. Joseph’s Orthopaedic Hospital is located at the Eastern Regional capital Koforidua, It is s a referral hospital in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

Who is the Eastern Regional Health Director?

Dr Winfred K. Ofosu Ofosu, the Regional Director of Health Service. He is assisted by four Regional Deputy Directors comprising Deputy Director Public Health, Deputy Director Clinical Care, Deputy Director Health Administration and Support Services and Deputy Director Finance.

Which district is Tetteh Quarshie Memorial Hospital?

Mampong Akuapem
Tetteh Quarshie Memorial Hospital is a public Hospital located in Mampong Akuapem in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

What are the clinical departments in a hospital?

The medical department has within it the various clinical services. They are: medicine, surgery, gynaecology, obstetrics, paediatrics, eye, ENT, dental, orthopaedics, neurology, cardiology, psychiatry, skin, V.D., plastic surgery, nuclear medicine, infectious disease etc.

What is the biggest hospital in Ghana?

Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital
It is currently the third largest hospital in Africa and the leading national referral centre in Ghana….

Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital
Emergency department Yes
Beds 1600
Opened 9 October 1923

How many military hospitals are in Ghana?

37 Military Hospital
The 37 Military Hospital is a 400-bed general hospital.

How many regional hospitals are there in Ghana?

The 10 regional hospitals

Region Hospital Name
Greater Accra Ridge Regional Hospital, Ridge, Accra
Bono Regional Hospital, Sunyani
Upper East Regional Hospital, Bolgatanga
Upper West Regional Hospital, Wa

When did Covid 19 start in Ghana?

In Ghana, the first official cases of COVID-19 were reported on 12 March 2020. The Health Minister announced the nation’s first two confirmed cases in Accra. The two cases were identified as people who had returned to the country from Norway and Turkey.

Who built Tetteh Quarshie hospital?

Kwame Nkrumah
Kwame Nkrumah after petitions from Dr. J. B. Danquah and the Eastern Region House of Chiefs, has built a first class hospital and fittingly named it after him at Mampong-Akwapim – TETTEH QUARSHIE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL.”

Who brought cocoa to Ghana?

Tetteh Quarshie
The victory of cocoa in Africa started with Tetteh Quarshie. Legend has it that he secretly brought the cocoa to Ghana and, by doing so, laid the foundation for one of the most important Ghanaian and African export products.