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Which district is chitrakoot?

Chitrakoot Dham | District Satna, Government of Madhya Pradesh | India.

Who is the current DM of Chitrakoot?


Name Designation Address
Shubhrant Kumar Shukla(I.A.S.) District Magistrate New Collectorate, Karwi, Chitrakoot
Ganesh Prasad Singh Add. District Magistrate New Collectorate, Karwi, Chitrakoot
Puja Yadav SDM Karwi SDM Office, Tehsil Karwi, Chitrakoot
Navdeep Shukla SDM Mau SDM Office, Tehsil-Mau, Chitrakoot

How many villages are there in Chitrakoot district?

653 villages
There 339 Panchayat and 653 villages are in Chitrakoot district.

How many chitrakoot are there in India?

Chitrakoot Dham is a city situated 12 miles west of Karwi. In present-day India, Chitrakoot Dham is more important than Karwi. Chitrakoot Dham is the district headquarters and has a municipal board….Chitrakoot Dham (Karwi)

Chitrakoot Dham
Chitrakoot Dham
Coordinates:25.2°N 80.9°ECoordinates:25.2°N 80.9°E
Country India

Where is chitrakoot parvat situated?

Chitrakoot is a famous pilgrimage centre and a nagar panchayat in the Satna district in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. It is a place of religious, cultural, historical and archaeological importance, situated in the Bundelkhand region.

Who went to Chitrakoot?

It is said that after Rama was exiled from the kingdom of Ayodhya for 14 years along with his wife, Sita and brother, Lakshmana, he took refuge in the forests of Chitrakoot, and the trio spent 12 years in these beautiful woods, already home to many hermits.

How many Tehsil are there in Chitrakoot?

Chitrakoot has 4 Tehsil

Sl. No. Tehsil Name
1 Karwi
2 Mau
3 Manikpur
4 Rajapur

Why did Rama leave Chitrakoot?

After Bharat returned to Ayodhya and taken charge of the kingdom under Rama’s name and blessings, Rama decided to move on from Chitrakoot. He therefore decided to move on from Chitrakoot, to the hermitage of Sage Atri. …

Where did Sita Haran take?

Lord Rama spent a few years of his 14-year-long vanvasa (exile) at Panchvati, a place known in the Ramayana for ‘Sita’s haran’ and many events leading up to it. Located on the banks of the Godavari, India’s second-longest river, Panchvati is associated with rich mythology and history.

How many years Rama live in Panchavati?

Lord Rama spent a few years of his 14-year-long vanvasa (exile) at Panchvati, a place known in the Ramayana for ‘Sita’s haran’ and many events leading up to it.

What is the population of Chitrakoot district in India?

According to the 2011 census Chitrakoot district has a population of 991,730, roughly equal to the nation of Fiji or the US state of Montana. This gives it a ranking of 448th in India (out of a total of 640 ).

Which is the nearest railway station to Chitrakoot?

Since Chitrakoot is located almost on the border of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, it is easy to reach from both the states. The nearest railway station to Chitrakoot is in Karwi, which is pretty much the town of Chitrakoot itself.

When was Chitrakoot district carved out of Banda district?

On 6 May 1997, a new district was carved out from the erstwhile Banda district comprising its Karwi and Mau tehsils. The district was initially named as Chitrakoot district.

Which is the most religious place in Chitrakoot?

This divine city is also known as the ‘Hill of many wonders’ and it totally justifies the name. Chitrakoot mountain range has numerous places of great religious importance like Bharat Milap Temple, Hanuman Dhara, Janki Kund and much more. It is indeed the gift of nature and the gods.