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Which AFL team is in Noosa?

Noosa Tigers
Official Noosa Tigers Australian Rules football club on the Sunshine Coast.

Who is the biggest club in AFL?


  • West Coast Eagles 106,422 (Club record)
  • Richmond 105,084 (Club record)
  • Collingwood 82,527.
  • Essendon 81,662.
  • Carlton 81,302 (Club record)
  • Hawthorn 77,079.
  • Geelong 70,293 (Club record)
  • Adelaide Crows 60,232.

Who has played for the most AFL clubs?

1 Answer

  • Les Abbott played for Collingwood, Carlton, Richmond, Melbourne, and Sydney between 1904 and 1912.
  • Les Hughson played for Collingwood, Hawthorn, Carlton, St Kilda, and Fitzroy between 1927 and 1937.
  • Dale Kickett played for Fitzroy, West Coast, St Kilda, Essendon, and Fremantle between 1990 and 2002.

Who is the most loved AFL team?

Despite indifferent form on the field over the last 12 months, the Sydney Football Club remains Australia’s most popular AFL football club among fans, with 8.5% (down 1.5% since March 2000) of all Australians aged 14 and over (representing an estimated 1,289,000 people) saying they support the Swans.

Who kicked the most goals in AFL?

Tony Lockett
Most VFL/AFL goals

# Player Goals
1 Tony Lockett 1360
2 Gordon Coventry 1299‡
3 Jason Dunstall 1254‡
4 Doug Wade 1057

Where does the Noosa Tigers football club play?

The Noosa Tigers Australian Football Club is an Australian rules football club on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. The club emblem is the tiger and the club plays in both Division One and Division Two of the QAFL.

Is the Noosa Football Field built on sand?

Noosa’s field are built on sand (not great in summer when it’s hot!) so we don’t close our fields for GAMES very often. If we cancel training this will be advised by 2pm on our website in LATEST NEWS and on the FACEBOOK PAGE. This should be updated on Saturday mornings by 7.30am.

Who is the leading goal kicker for the Noosa Tigers?

The Rococo Noosa Tigers have finished the 2021 season with two premierships after a very exciting Grand final weekend! The Tigers were represented by four teams playing in grand finals… PLAYER SIGNING ANNOUNCMENT!!! The next exciting player announcement for 2022 is our current leading goal kicker Aaron Wilson.

When is Tigers night out at Noosa boat house?

Tigers Night Out Friday night 10th September 2021 At the Noosa Boat House from 5pm Arrive on the red carpet for our 2021 Men’s and Women’s Football Presentation with a… PLAYER SIGNING ANNOUNCMENT!!!