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Which actors and actresses have the highest IQ?

21 Celebrities With Surprisingly High IQs

  • Jodie Foster – 132.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger – 132-135. Getty Images.
  • James Woods – 180-184. Twitter.
  • Geena Davis – 140. Getty Images.
  • Quentin Tarantino – 160. Getty Images.
  • Nolan Gould – 150. Getty Images.
  • Sharon Stone – 154. Getty Images.
  • Ashley Rickards – Unreported IQ. Getty Images.

Who is the most intelligent celebrity?

Top 20 Smartest Celebrities Ever

  1. #1:Brian May. Having earned fame and fortune as lead guitarist in Queen, Brian May attained an Astrophysics Ph.
  2. #2: Mayim Bialik. She plays a neurobiologist on TV, and she has a Ph.
  3. #3: Dolph Lundgren.
  4. #4: Quentin Tarantino.
  5. #5: Sharon Stone.
  6. #6: Geena Davis.
  7. #7: Ken Jeong.
  8. #8: Nolan Gould.

Who is smartest woman?

Marilyn vos Savant
With an IQ of 228 (190 in some sources), Marilyn vos Savant is not only the most intelligent women in the world (which is confirmed by Guinness Book of World Records), she is also the most intelligent person in history!

Who is the cleverest girl on earth?

One of them who is getting more and more famous these days is Sabrina Gonzalez Pasterski, a Cuban girl from Chicago born in 1993. By now she has graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Harvard University and she is studying Quantum Physics.

Who are some famous women with high IQs?

Shakira is one of the most successful women in the music industry, best known for her belly-dancing and song writing. She is fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, but can also speak French, Italian, Catalan, and Arabic. In 2007 she pursued a course in History of Western Civilization at UCLA Extensions. Her IQ is reported to be 140.

What’s the average IQ of a Mensa member?

In addition to gracing the big and small screens, they’ve earned a membership in Mensa, an international society for people with an IQ in the top 2 percent of the general population. (The average IQ is 100; a high one is over 140).

What’s the IQ of Natalie Portman from Star Wars?

Portman’s reported IQ of 140 didn’t come without the dedication to her education! She notoriously skipped the premiere of her film Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace to study for her high school finals. After that, she went on to get her A.B. degree in psychology from Harvard University.

What kind of IQ does Nicole Kidman have?

It’s been reported that her IQ is between 150-163. With a clinical psychologist and biologist father and nursing instructor mother, it’s no surprise that Nicole Kidman has an IQ of 132. She studied at the Victorian College of the Arts, then at the Phillip Street Theatre in Sydney, with actress and friend Naomi Watts.