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Where was the APEC meeting held in 2014?

The APEC meeting was scheduled to be held in Beijing in November 2014, a city that is seriously polluted by haze and fog. The authorities were in a rush to clear the haze and fog in Beijing for APEC within a month.

Why is the sky blue at APEC China?

APEC blue ( Chinese: APEC蓝) refers to the rare blue sky in Beijing during APEC China 2014 due to emission reduction campaign directed by Chinese government. Because of its transience, the new phrase “APEC blue” also refers to something wonderful but also fleeting.

What is the meaning of the phrase APEC blue?

APEC blue. Because of its transience, the new phrase “APEC blue” also refers to something wonderful but also fleeting. According to the China Daily, “APEC blue” tops Beijing environmental keywords for 2014, top 10 new expressions of the year, and is waiting for the hottest word of the year. The APEC China 2014 was the 22nd annual gathering of APEC leaders. It was held in Yanqi Lake (Chinese: zh:雁栖湖; pinyin: Yànqī hú), Huairou District, Beijing on 10–12, November 2014.

What kind of Economic Cooperation does APEC have?

Through its unique approach featuring voluntary action, consensus, flexibility and pragmatism, APEC has successfully established a sound regional economic cooperation framework among member economies with remarkable diversity and at different stages of development.

How did China deal with the smog during APEC?

China attempted to prevent Beijing’s frequent smog from occurring during the meeting through various measures, including limiting driving and closing down factories in Beijing and the surrounding province of Hebei. The air was clear towards the beginning of the APEC week, but was predicted to be somewhat smoggy during the summit itself.

What was the goal of APEC in 1994?

In 1994, APEC Leaders announced the commitment to achieve the goal of free and open trade and investment in the Asia-Pacific, with APEC’s industrialized economies to achieve the goal by 2010 and developing economies by 2020. Today, as we gather in Beijing, we remain committed to this core mission.