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Where is the smoke coming from in Idaho?

John Keyes, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Pocatello, says almost all of the smoke resulting in a poor air quality in Southeast, East and Central Idaho is coming from large wildfires both southwest and northwest of the Gem State, including those burning in Oregon, California, Washington, Northern …

Is Idaho Smokey today?

Clear day today No major smoke impacts are expected today outside of the Eastern and…

Why is it smoky in Idaho Falls 2021?

Shoshone Falls and a section of the Snake River are shrouded with smokey air Friday, Aug. 6, 2021, in Twin Falls. The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality deemed air quality in the city at ‘unhealthy’ levels Friday due to smoke from large wildfires burning in Northern California and Southern Oregon.

Is smoke bad in Idaho?

Smoke and airborne particles from wildfires can impact the air quality in Idaho during the summer and fall. Wildfire smoke can be particularly harmful for sensitive groups including people with lung and cardiovascular conditions, pregnant women, children, and older people.

Where is the smoke coming from in Boise Idaho?

“Most of the smoke we’re seeing in the Boise area is coming from the Bootleg Fire in south-central Oregon,” said Spencer Tangen, a meteorologist with the NWS’s Boise office, in a phone interview.

Why is it so smoky in Pocatello Idaho?

Meteorologist Greg Kaiser with the National Weather Service in Pocatello says, that while some regional fires may be contributing, the majority of the smoke is coming from fires in the west. National Service Weather maps show the majority of the smoke coming from California, Oregon and northern Idaho.

How many fires are currently burning in Idaho?

BOISE, Idaho (CBS2) — There are more than 20 active fires burning in Idaho. The three largest include the Snake River Complex, the Mud Lick Fire, and the Dixie Fire. The biggest is the Snake Rive Complex south of Lewiston. Despite our hot temperatures, crews have been making good progress on this fire.

Where is smoke in Ketchum coming from?

National Service Weather maps show the majority of the smoke coming from California, Oregon and northern Idaho. The NWS posted on Facebook saying, “While some of our local fires may add a very small amount of smoke today, most of this is coming from larger fires to our west and southwest today.”

Where is the smoke in Boise coming from?

Why is the air quality bad in Boise Idaho?

Despite generally healthy air, Boise still experiences an average of 2.8 unhealthy PM2. 5 days annually, where air quality reaches levels considered “unhealthy for sensitive groups” or worse. Seasonal forest fires, winter wood burning, and vehicle exhaust are largely to blame for elevated PM2. 5 levels in Boise.

Why is it so hazy in Boise?

Stagnant weather conditions have trapped local pollutants in the skies over the Treasure Valley, creating a thickening haze over Boise.

Where is the fire burning in Idaho?

BOISE, Idaho — A wildfire burning in the central Idaho wilderness ignited nearly three weeks ago by lightning continues to grow in size. The Boundary Fire has charred about 1,500 acres in the Salmon-Challis National Forest.

What to do about wildfire smoke in Idaho?

Ensure your indoor air purifier does not produce ozone. For general health questions about wildfire smoke, contact the Idaho Division of Public Health’s Environmental Health Program Manager at (800) 445-8647, or visit the Department of Health and Welfare Wildfire Smoke page.

Is there smoke in the mountains in Idaho?

Hazy conditions are present over southern Idaho and these conditions are expected to remain in place as regional smoke increases in density and coverage to encompass all of Idaho. At the surface, smoke looks to remain over southern Idaho and expand north throughout the day into the Central Idaho Mountains.

How is air quality in Idaho right now?

Air quality forecasts are in the Good to Moderate Category. Conditions continue to look favorable in North Idaho while smoke along the southern border will move in and out of the Snake River Plain today. Smoke conditions will remain elevated across the Middle and Upper Snake River Plain.

Where does smoke from Oregon and California go?

It will slowly dissipate tonight. Smoke from Oregon and California will impact the Treasure Valley, Owyhee County, and Twin Falls County Saturday morning. It will expand into the Middle and Upper Snake River Plain and then the Teton Valley by 3 p.m. local time Saturday.