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Where is the IP address on a Toshiba copier?

Go to Control Panel then the “Devices and Printers” option. Then select the printer details. Choose the Ports option. The IP address will appear on the Port field.

How do I save email address on Toshiba printer?

Step 1: Click on the “Settings” option on the address control or action panel. Step 2: Then move the down arrow to the address book and click OK. Step 3: Click on OK to choose an email address. Step 4: Move to the required entry option and click OK.

How do I set up scan to email on my Toshiba copier?

How to scan to email using a Toshiba eStudio copier?

  1. Place your document on the glass or into the document feeder.
  2. Select “Scan” from the drop-down menu.
  3. On the number pad, type your department code and press the “Enter” button.
  4. On the touch screen, press the [SCAN to EMAIL] button.

How do I connect my computer to my Toshiba printer?

How to connect Toshiba printer to computer: Add PC/Laptop

  1. Turn on your computer and connect it to the network using the Ethernet cable.
  2. Then go to the start menu.
  3. Select “Devices and Printers” on the right-hand side of the menu.
  4. Choose the “Add a printer” option from the upper left-hand corner.

How do I add an email address to my printer?

How do I ePrint?

  1. Enable Web Services on your printer and link your printer to HP Smart to get your printer’s unique email address. Learn more.
  2. Create a new email message and then add any attachments that you would like to print, up to 10MB total.
  3. Enter your ePrint email address in the To: field.
  4. Send the email.

How do I use Toshiba scanner?

Touch the SCAN option. in the USB port on the left side of the display screen. Select PDF or TIFF for file format and then hit OK. feeder tray if scanning a legal or letter sized page; if use feeder tray, put document face up) and hit the blue SCAN button.

How do I scan on Toshiba e studio?

How to scan to USB on a Toshiba eStudio

  1. Place the original(s).
  2. On the control panel, press the [SCAN] button to enter the SCAN menu.
  3. To store scans in a USB storage device, connect the device to the equipment and wait a few seconds.
  4. When “Found USB DEVICE.” message appears on the touch panel, press [USB].

How do I connect my Toshiba laptop to my wireless printer?

Click the “Start” button and select “Control Panel.” Select “Printers and Other Hardware.” Click on “Add Printer.” A new window appears called “Add Printer Wizard.” Click “Next” to choose a printer connection.