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Where is the intake air heater relay?

Intake air heater relays are located on bracket near driver’s side battery.

What is an air intake heater relay?

It sends voltage to the intake air heater when the PCM tells it to. It’s meant to help reduce white smoke on cold starts and idle.

What are the two relays on top of a 7.3 Powerstroke?

There are two relays on top of the engine, between the oil fill cap and the fuel bowl/filter. The one toward the rear is the glow plug relay. The one toward the front is the air intake heater. They are easier to see if you remove the Powerstroke cover.

How do I know if my grid heater is bad?

Check for power on the 2 grid heater posts with a test light as you cycle the ignition switch to the “wait to start” position and see if it stays on the same length of time as the dash light does. If the block heater is plugged in , it may not turn on at all until the engine is running.

What does intake heater light mean?

Purpose is to warm air going from the intake manifold into the engine during starting. It is on when the “Wait To Start” light on your dash is on. Cummins uses it instead of glow plugs. The colder the ambient temperature, the less willing your engine will be to start.

What is an intake air heater?

Air Intake Heaters, also known as grid and manifold heaters, provide solutions for diesel applications such as On-Highway, Off-Road and Power Generation. Powered by the vehicle battery, air intake heaters provide an on-board, stand-alone cold weather starting aid without driver intervention.

What does code P0641 mean?

Sensor Reference Voltage
Code P0641 stands for Sensor Reference Voltage ‘A’ Circuit Open. In the event of a sensor reference “A” malfunction, a trouble code will be stored and a service engine soon lamp may be illuminated. PCM supplies a reference voltage to many of the onboard sensors. Typically, this reference signal is 5-Volts.

What is grid heater relay?

The Heater Grid Relays are switches that open and close circuits electronically. The Heater Grid Relay controls one electrical circuit used to power the engine Heater Grid. If your Cummins Diesel becomes hard to start or fails to start, it could be the heater grid heater relay.

Where is the air intake heater on a power stroke?

The 1999.5-2003 7.3L Power Stroke came equipped with a factory Air Intake Heater (AIH) that can be found in intake tract. The AIH is modulated by the pcm via a relay that is located next to the glow plug relay.

How do you disconnect an air intake heater?

First, you’ll need to disconnect the wiring that runs from the AIH to the relay. Start by removing the black ground wire, and then disconnect the red wire from the heater, following that wire to the relay/solenoid. Loosen the nut holding the red wire on and remove the red wire.

Why does my car have an air intake heater?

While the design and use of the AIH may have good reasoning behind it, which is to heat incoming air to alleviate white and gray smoke while the engine is cold. The factory programmed pretty specific circumstances into the PCM before it will power up the relay and engage the AIH to operate.