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Where is the Goldman Sachs headquarters in New York?

200 West Street is the global headquarters of the Goldman Sachs investment banking firm. The building is a 749-foot-tall (228 m), 44-story building located on West Street, between Vesey and Murray Streets in Lower Manhattan. It is adjacent to Brookfield Place and the Conrad Hotel, the Verizon Building to…

When did Goldman Sachs invest in Building 128?

In September 2012, Goldman Sachs made a $7.3 million New Markets Tax Credit equity investment to finance the renovation of Building 128, converting three vacant buildings into a modern light industrial facility.

When did Goldman Sachs build the Brooklyn Navy Yard?

Goldman Sachs is committed to the redevelopment of the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Once the US Navy’s premier shipyard, the site languished in disuse during the 1970s and early 1980s.

Where did Goldman Sachs invest in Empire Outlets?

Empire Outlets Goldman Sachs provided a $130 million capital investment towards the construction of Empire Outlets, a 350,000 square foot retail facility to be built in the St. George neighborhood of Staten Island.

How many stories are in the Goldman Sachs building?

Above the base are 29 office stories for Goldman Sachs and three executive stories at the top. When the building opened, window-facing offices were largely reserved for Goldman Sachs’ “elite partners”, while the managing directors directly under their management had interior offices without windows.

What does Goldman Sachs do for small businesses?

Goldman Sachs is committed to helping small business owners receive greater access to small business education and financing through the 10,000 Small Businesses program. Through a $3.5 million fund, small business owners are able to grow their companies and hire more employees in New York.