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Where is the German store of MediaMarkt located?

In January, MediaMarkt celebrates the launch of its German online shop. German online shop 2012. Europe’s most advanced and outstanding MediaMarkt store opens in Ingolstadt, seat of the corporate HQ.

Where was the first MediaMarkt store in Turkey?

The first MediaMarkt store in Turkey opens its doors. MediaMarkt opening in Istanbul Ümraniye, Turkey, 2007. MediaMarkt celebrates its 30th anniversary. With a sales area of 8,000 square meters, the biggest MediaMarkt store in the world opens up in Munich.

Why is the Picasso Museum in Paris closed?

In accordance with French government directives, the museum is closed. To ensure your health and that of the museum’s personnel, we introduced a series of safety guidelines in compliance with preventive measures against Covid-19.

How long has MediaMarkt been in the market?

For 40 years, MediaMarkt has been synonymous with innovation, uncompromising customer orientation and a comprehensive range of customer and after-sales services. But sheer size alone is not the key to success. In 1979, the company’s founders reinvented electrical goods retailing once and for all.

How to contact MediaMarkt corporate communications in Ingolstadt?

Just call us or send us an E-Mail: MediaMarkt Corporate Communications Wankelstraße 5 85046 Ingolstadt Phone: +49(0) 841 634-1111 Fax: +49(0) 841 634-2478 E-Mail: [email protected]

How does MediaMarkt work as an omnichannel retailer?

By closely linking the online shops in all the countries in which it operates with the local bricks-and-mortar stores, customers can now decide between a number of different sales channels. Within the framework of this omnichannel strategy, MediaMarkt provides customers with a key component of modern life: flexibility.