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Where is the cheapest rent in France?

Discover the cheapest cities in France to rent a property

  • Saint-Étienne, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes: €8/m²
  • Nîmes, Occitanie: €10.5/m²
  • Angers, Pays de la Loire: €10.7/m²

How do I find rental property in France?

You can find rentals in France through a number of different methods, including websites, estate agents (agences immobilières) and classified ads in newspapers. Rural properties can be harder to find, both online and in person, so you may need an agent. Advertisements typically list the living space in square meters.

How much is it to rent a place in France?

Average Rent in France On average, the rental price for a one-bedroom house outside of the city center is 350 EUR (392 USD) minimum. But in Paris, for example, a one-bedroom apartment in the city center can cost more than 1,000 EUR (1,120 USD).

How much is house rent in France?

On a national level, over this period, French people spent an average of 828 euros to rent a house and an average of 400 euros for a studio or a one room flat, charges included….

Characteristic Average rent in euros
Houses 828

How much is rent for an apartment in France?

As mentioned in the article above, the cost of rent varies across the country. On average, the rent prices in France are €659 (~ $728) for a one-bedroom apartment in the City Centre. Meanwhile, the costs come down to €514 (~ $568) outside the City Centre.

How much is house rent in France per month?

Cost of Living in France: Sample Monthly Budget

Expenses U.S. $
Rent $800 to $1,200
Electricity $48
Groceries (incl. wine) $600
Landline rental fee (excluding call costs) $21

How expensive is it to live in southern France?

Why is it so cheap to live in France?

France is about 1.5 times bigger than Germany but with a population 20% smaller. In effect, it has a larger rural area with less people to populate it. And as more and more people relocate to cities, more houses are being added to the market—often at bargain prices.

Where do expats live in south of France?

The Languedoc Roussillon region is a favourite for expat retirees. The most southern region of France, Languedoc is squeezed between the Midi-Pyrénées on the one side, and Spain, Andorra and the Mediterranean Sea on the other side.

Are there villas in the south of France?

Our furnished apartment selection includes villas and apartments located in the South of France. Whether you want a luxurious villa in Provence, an artsy studio in Saint Remy de Provence or a 1-bedroom in Nice or Cannes we can help you to find it.

Is it good to rent a house in France?

France has a number of exceptional holiday destinations which are easily accessible for both short breaks and longer summer vacations. Renting a holiday home is an excellent way to experience what France has to offer whilst letting a property is the ideal way to evaluate a region of France before purchasing a property.

How big is an apartment in Carpentras France?

The 65 sq m apartment is located on the 3rd and last floor in a bourgeois building, downtown Carpentras. It has two bedrooms (one with a kingsize bed and one with a single bed), equipped kitchen (induction cooker, microwave, cutlery, plates and pans…