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Where is Perky Jerky made?

Eventually, they moved to a processing facility and started the business in Glenwood Village, Colorado. The company was able to create all natural and delicious beef jerky that was neither dry nor boring. It’s also low calorie, low carb, low fat and a great source of protein.

Is Perky Jerky good for you?

WHAT MAKES IT HEALTHY? Unlike most jerky products, ours has all natural ingredients and none of the bad stuff: NO NITRITES • NO PRESERVATIVES • NO ADDED MSG. Most importantly, Perky Jerky is a great source of protein.

Is Perky Jerky grass fed?

MELT-IN-YOUR-MOUTH TENDER: Our 100% grass-fed beef jerky is marinated overnight for bold, satisfying flavor that lasts. That’s why our turkey jerky has no nitrates, no nitrites, no added MSG, and no artificial preservatives.

Who owns Perky Jerky?

Brian Levin
“As founder of Perky Jerky, Brian Levin brings both a strong track record of growing emerging companies and a strong passion for the brand.

Is there caffeine in Perky Jerky?

Perky Jerky, the caffeinated beef jerky is an all-natural, great tasting snack with a kick: an energy-drink’s worth of invigorating caffeine in each serving.

Does Perky Jerky have caffeine?

Is eating beef jerky bad for you?

In short, though beef jerky is a healthy snack, its best consumed in moderation. Most of your diet should come from whole, unprocessed foods. Though beef jerky is healthy, avoid eating too much of it, as it’s high in sodium and may come with the same health risks that are linked to eating processed meats.

Who makes Golden Island jerky?

Tyson Foods
Tyson Foods has sold its Golden Island Jerky Co. brand to Link Snacks, manufacturer of Jack Link’s meat snacks.

Is jerky unhealthy?

Does Hershey own Krave?

Sonoma Brands has acquired Krave back from Hershey for an undisclosed sum after selling the culinary meat snacks brand to the U.S. chocolate maker for $218.7 million in 2015.