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Where is Negeri Sembilan located in Malaysia?

Negeri Sembilan is situated in the west of Peninsular Malaysia. It is about 50km south of Kuala Lumpur and spreads over an area of 6,645 sq km. Its name literally means ‘nine states’ as the state once consisted of nine districts.

What kind of Radio is Negeri FM on?

Negeri FM is a commercial radio station broadcasting on a frequency of 92.6 FM from Seremban, operated by the radio broadcaster RTM. It provides the latest hourly news, plays Western music, entertainment, and religious programs. Listen to this contemporary radio every day nonstop 24 hours in the native language.

Which is the best beach in Negeri Sembilan?

The beaches of Port Dickson are also ideal for a wide range of water sports and beach activities. Teluk Kemang, Blue Lagoon and Cahaya Negeri are among the most popular beaches here. The Army Museum was originally home to the first Malay Regiment batch in 1933.

What kind of people lived in Negeri Sembilan?

The earliest inhabitants of Negeri Sembilan were the ancestors of the Semelai, Semai, Semang, and Jakun peoples, who lived either as hunter-gatherer nomads or as subsistence farmers.

Who is the ruler of Negeri Sembilan Malaysia?

Unlike the hereditary monarchs of the other royal Malay states, the ruler of Negeri Sembilan is elected and is known as Yang di-Pertuan Besar instead of Sultan. The election of the Ruler is also unique.