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Where in Scotland does your surname come from?

Many Scottish surnames originated in patronymics, whereby a son’s surname derived from the father’s forename, for example John Donaldson’s son might be Peter Johnson, whose son might be Magnus Peterson, and so on.

What are the oldest surnames in Scotland?

History. The earliest surnames found in Scotland occur during the reign of David I, King of Scots (1124–53). These were Anglo-Norman names which had become hereditary in England before arriving in Scotland (for example, the contemporary surnames de Brus, de Umfraville, and Ridel).

Is Bean a Scottish surname?

The ancient Pictish-Scottish name Bean comes from the Gaelic word Beathan or betha which means life. Bean was also the name of a saint in the Breviary of Aberdeen.

What are the most common surnames in Scotland?

Smith, Brown and Wilson are the most common surnames. Smith, Brown and Wilson are the three most common surnames in Scotland, according to a new report. The General Register Office for Scotland survey said that more than one in every eight last names begins with Mac or Mc.

What are some Scottish family names?

Some famous Scottish family names, including those bearing names which became Bruce, Balliol, Murray and Stewart, came to Scotland at this time. Today Scotland is one of the countries of the United Kingdom, and the majority of people living there are British citizens .

How do you Find Your Scottish clan?

Select the first letter of your Clan or Family name, then scroll through the list to find your name. Click on your name and you will be shown the Clan connection with a colour picture of your crest. THE TOP 100 SCOTTISH NAMES BY FREQUENCY. Please report any errors on these pages to [email protected] Thank you.

What are the names of the Scottish clans?

Clans can be Highland and Island or Lowland and Border clans. Some of the best known Scottish clans are Clan MacLeod, Clan Mackenzie, Clan Mackintosh, Clan Eliot, and Clan Wallace. Crest badge of Macleod Clan.