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Where do you put wood duck nesting boxes?

Helpful Tips

  1. Mount the box so that it leans forward slightly to shed rain.
  2. Boxes can be installed on posts or poles in the water, at least 3 feet above the high water mark, facing south or west.
  3. If installing on land, choose a site within 100 feet from the water with no branches around the entrance hole.

How do I find a wood duck nest?

Look for Wood Ducks around the edges of swamps, sluggish streams, overgrown beaver ponds, and wood-fringed marshes. They’re less likely to be out on a large stretch of open water. They pick their way around vegetation growing out of the water or stand on tree branches or logs along the shorelines.

How far apart should wood duck houses be?

around 50 feet apart
Proper wood duck box placement is important so that hens find and utilize the structure during nesting season. You can erect multiple boxes in close proximity, but be sure to keep them around 50 feet apart. This will simply decrease the chances of hens coming into conflict over nesting locations.

How far from water do Wood Ducks nest?

Wood Ducks cannot make their own cavities. The nest tree is normally situated near to or over water, though Wood Ducks will use cavities up to 1.2 miles from water.

What month do wood duck eggs hatch?

Wood duck hens in the North will have only one brood per season. If an initial clutch of eggs is destroyed in a natural cavity or unprotected box, they often nest again. By late May to early June, almost all nests have been started. In Minnesota, only a very occasional hatch will occur as late as August.

Why can too many wood duck nesting boxes be an issue for wood duck conservation?

It’s that time of year when questions come in regarding wood duck boxes. If you plan to make the commitment to put up wood duck nest boxes be sure to realize it is a commitment. Wood duck boxes left unattended or improperly placed will become unused by wood ducks or worse, can become death traps to hens and ducklings.

Do squirrels eat duck eggs?

Although ducks don’t usually build nests on treetops like other birds, if a squirrel finds a duck egg, it will absolutely still eat it. Mother ducks would usually stay with the eggs most of the time so squirrels will find it difficult to raid a duck’s nest.

How do you keep starlings out of wood duck boxes?

Traps, specifically designed to fit inside a wood duck house, have been found to be effective. George Wellenkotter lives in a serious Wisconsin starling belt. He developed an in-box trap for his own use which utilizes a spring mechanism to close a trapdoor, effectively capturing the starling inside the box.

Where to place a wood duck nest box?

Nest Box Location and Installation Wood Ducks can be very secretive and particular about their habitat. Individual nest boxes should be located in relatively secluded areas where natural cavities would occur, about 600 feet apart, out of sight from each other.

What are the dimensions of a wood duck box?

In the “Complete Birdhouse Book”, Donald and Lillian Stokes identify the basic dimensions and placement, and if you are anxious to get started, this may be all the information you need: Basic Wood Duck Box Dimensions and Placement. Entrance Hole ( 0val) – 3 inches high, 4 inches wide for Wood Duck.

Is it OK to put a duck box on a tree?

A proper box provides cover to ensure shelter and protection for eggs and ducklings when they are most vulnerable. However, simply nailing a wood duck box to any random tree near your pond may do more harm than good.

What kind of birds live in duck boxes?

A duck box may even attract other cavity nesting birds such as kestrels, tree swallows, great crested flycatchers or screech owls. Already have a nesting box? See our tips for building a predator guard and finding the right place to install . Below are plans for a nest box that you can build, install and maintain.