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Where do medals go on a uniform?

Your medals should be worn over the left lapel or the left breast pocket of a formal jacket or coat. Medals are mounted on a metal holding bar or bar brooch, and that bar is attached to the lapel.

How many medals can you wear in a row?

Arrange four or more medals (maximum of five in a single row). Overlapping shall be proportional and the inboard medal shall show in full. Arrange medals in order of precedence in rows from top down, inboard to outboard, within rows.

How do you wear large medals?

Large medals are worn on the service coat or jumper of Full Dress Blues and Full Dress White. When wearing more than one medal, suspend them from a holding bar that supports the medal’s weight. Place the holding bar of the lowest row of medals in the same position as the lowest ribbon bar.

Which USMC uniform includes large medals?

Full-sized medals are only authorized for wear with the USMC’s class A dress blue uniform. This is the most formal dress blue designed for wear during formal occasions such as ceremonies or parades. Other combinations of the blue dress uniform require the wear of ribbons in lieu of medals.

What side do ribbons go on NSU?

Navy Service Uniform Male

Name Tag Centered 1/4 inches above the Right breast pocket
Rank ( Cap/Cover) 2 inches back and 1 1/2 inches from the base of the cap on the Left side
Ribbons Centered 1/4 inches above the Left breast pocket
Devices Centered on ribbon
Service Stars Centered 1/4 inches above ribbons

Can a medal be worn on a Marine Corps uniform?

Marine Corps League medals may be worn on any Marine Corps league uniform except Casual, starting with the most distinguished medal/ribbon first and others following in sequence. See enclosure (4) National Award Section for further details.

Can a unit patch be worn on a Marine Corps uniform?

NO SERVICE OR UNIT PATCHES ARE TO BE WORN ON THE MARINE CORPS LEAGUE UNIFORM. D. Marine Corps League Cover. The basic uniform of the MCL is the Red Cover.

Where are Marine Corps League ribbons to be worn?

It must be one or the other. Marine Corps Service or Marine Corps League ribbons are to be worn above left shirt pocket. Marine Corps League patches shall be worn on the left sleeve, one and one-half (1 1/2) inches below the shoulder seam.

What is the Marine Corps League uniform guidebook?

The guidance of this Uniform code is presented as a standard to establish uniformity and define appropriate wear of the Marine Corps League Uniform.The word “Uniform” itself is defined as: (1) Always the same, as in character or degree unvarying, (2) conforming to one principle, standard, or rule; consistent.