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Where did the UK floods happen in 2013?

Emergency pumps were brought in to drain the Somerset levels. The 2013–2014 United Kingdom winter floods saw areas of Ireland and the United Kingdom inundated following severe storms. The south of England saw heavy rainfalls associated with these storms which caused widespread flooding, power cuts and major disruptions to transport.

When did the winter 2013 / 14 start in the UK?

The Met Office reported that the winter of 2013/14 was an exceptionally stormy season, starting with the east coast tidal surge in early December and with at least a further 12 major winter storms affecting the UK in two spells from mid-December to early January, and again from late January to mid-February.

Are there any flood warnings in the UK?

It has more than 30 flood warnings in place and some 160 flood alerts – the majority in southern England – with fears that heavy rain falling on already-saturated ground could cause further flooding. The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) has also issued several flood warnings.

What’s the record rainfall for January in England?

Up to and including January 28, the South East and central southern England had a record 175.2mm (6.9in) of rainfall in January – beating the previous record of 158.2mm for the same parts of England set in 1988.

How are the 1953 North Sea floods remembered?

For those who experienced the 1953 North Sea floods first hand, last week’s surge will be remembered – despite the damage and devastation caused to many – as the year the East Coast was “extremely lucky”. One of them is Harry Francis. He was affected last week too – his beach hut in Walton on the Naze was ruined by the surge.

What was the cause of the 2013 flood in Austria?

The flood crest progressed down the Elbe and Danube drainage basins and tributaries, leading to high water and flooding along their banks. The spring weather preceding the flooding had been wet in the region, and May 2013 had been one of the three wettest in the last 156 years in Austria, together with the years 1962 and 1965.

When did the flooding start in Central Europe?

Extreme flooding in Central Europe began after several days of heavy rain in late May and early June 2013.

How many sandbags were used in the 2007 UK floods?

The number of properties flooded was less than in the 2007 United Kingdom floods and was akin to the Autumn 2000 western Europe floods. During this flood more than 200,000 sandbags were used. Flooding on the middle and lower reaches of the River Severn were similar in magnitude to those experienced during the 2007 United Kingdom floods.

How long will it take to repair Dawlish rail line?

Limited services are running between Plymouth and Penzance, with rail replacement services due to be provided from Thursday. Network Rail has estimated the damage at Dawlish could take at least six weeks to fix. First Great Western said the repairs could not begin until the weather improved.

Are there any flood warnings in South West England?

The Environment Agency has two severe flood warnings in place in south-west England – meaning there is a danger to life – down from a high of nine earlier on Wednesday. It has also issued about 60 flood warnings and more than 200 flood alerts.