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Where did the chemistry Cat meme come from?

This gallery contains the best of the Chemistry Cat meme. Rumor has it that the image that started it all was an old Russian stock photo. Caption your own Chemistry Cat using the Chemistry Cat Caption Generator at

What does chemistry cat Mean by 273 degrees C?

Chemistry Cat: I’ve recently decided to freeze myself to -273 degrees C. My family thinks I’ll die but I think I’ll be 0K. Explanation: -273 C is the same as 0 K, or absolute zero. 0K (zero K) = OK.

What does Grumpy Cat stand for in science meme?

Explanation: This is a meme within a meme. Grumpy Cat stands in for Chemistry Cat, asking if anyone wants to hear a joke about nitric oxide. Of course, Grumpy Cat doesn’t want to hear one. He answers “NO,” which is the chemical formula for nitric oxide.

What kind of cat is the Science Cat?

Updated January 24, 2019. Chemistry Cat, also known as Science Cat, is a series of puns and science jokes appearing as captions around a cat who is behind some chemistry glassware and who is wearing black-rimmed glasses and a red bow tie. This gallery contains the best of the Chemistry Cat meme.

What are some of the most popular memes about cats?

“Who Would Win” is a popular meme format that pits unlikely foes against each other, like a trillion lions vs. the sun or a stick vs. 1,000 Marines. Cats actually enjoy sitting in boxes so much because it lowers their stress levels.

What’s the meme about a cat making eye contact?

Cats show affection by making eye contact, but this probably doesn’t work the same way. It’s a funny meme, but cats appreciate small toys they can bat around more than stuffed animals that will inevitably break their hearts. That sunroof might be hot—but not too hot.