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Where did life church start?

Oklahoma City
In January 1996, Life. Church was founded as Life Covenant Church in Oklahoma City with 40 congregants meeting together in a two-car garage.

How old is Craig Rochelle?

53 years (December 2, 1967)
Craig Groeschel/Age

How much does Craig Groeschel make?

Craig Groeschel salary as a director of Gulfport. Craig receives $207,443 as total compensation for being the director at Gulfport.

What is a life group at church?

A Life Group consists of 4 to 20 people gathering in a Life Group leader’s home or a designated Life Group room at the church building, either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, to share food, fellowship, Bible study, and prayer. At their core, Life Groups are small Christian communities.

When was Life Church started?

Craig and Amy started Life. Church in a two-car garage in Edmond, Oklahoma in January 1996. Since then, Life. Church has grown to include dozens of locations all over the United States but its mission statement remains the same: to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ.

How was life church started?

Church was founded as Life Covenant Church in Oklahoma City with 40 congregants meeting together in a two-car garage. From 1996 to 1999 the church membership grew rapidly. During this time, Life. In 2001, MetroChurch, a 25-year-old, nondenominational church in nearby Edmond, Oklahoma merged with Life.

Who is Craig Groeschel wife?

Amy Groeschelm. 1991
Craig Groeschel/Wife
Groeschel is married to Amy and has six children and four grandchildren. They live in Edmond, Oklahoma, a suburb of Oklahoma City, where Life. Church is based.

What is the meaning of life group?

The Meaning of Life group is a professionally facilitated, secular, content-based, structured group that raises questions, facilitates a non-judgmental discussion of various issues of existential significance, and involves various experiential exercises.

Should I join a life group?

Life Group is a perfect place to be mentored by your peers. If you are stressed about an issue in your life, bring it to Life Group. Your Life Leader is there to help you through your struggles and pray alongside you. They also give great advice.

Who is Life Church founder?

Craig Groeschel

What’s the difference between a Lifegroup and a church?

You were designed to thrive in community with other believers. LifeGroups are the friends you grow, laugh, and serve with. No matter who you are or where you’ve been, you’re welcome here. At Life.Church, you’ll be welcomed into a friendly, casual environment by people who are excited to see you.

How old are the kids at Life Church?

Serving opportunities are available seven days a week. LifeKids helps families raise fully devoted followers of Christ through small groups, worship, and biblical teaching for kids ages birth-6th grade.

Why do I want to be in a Lifegroup?

“My LifeGroup is a place where I can love & grow with my family. It’s shown me that many other people go through the same struggles as I do, and I don’t have to go through trials alone. I can be real with them and share all the struggles I am going through while being there for other people.”